Sativa Bliss Announces an Innovation in Their Customer Service Department

Sativa Bliss Cannabis Boutique, one of the promising cannabis retailers in Ontario which is committed to providing a unique shopping experience, announces new capabilities in their customer service department which serves as a key differentiator in the cannabis retail business.

Sativa Bliss Announces an Innovation in Their Customer Service Department
Ontario, Canada, February 16, 2021 --( Providing world-class customer service to customers in the cannabis industry is crucial because of such a small opportunity to connect with customers and really impress them, especially with the challenges of the pandemic. Sativa Bliss Cannabis Boutique, one of the promising cannabis retailers in Ontario which is committed to providing a unique shopping experience, understands how building in strong customer service capabilities through best practices can be a key differentiator in the cannabis retail business.

At Sativa Bliss Cannabis Boutique, they strive to provide Full Customer Support to all customers in such way that a customer could interact with their store staff easily and effectively, be it in the form of an email, phone call, text message and in person. Jazz Samra, President of Sativa Bliss Cannabis says, “Excellent customer service is our 'North Star', we aim to satisfy every customer to the best of our ability. We know many of our customers are new cannabis users and have a lot of questions they need answered before they try our products. It is our responsibility to educate them and give them the comfort they need. I always have believed that if you take care of your customers, they will take care of you. That's just how the universe works.”

As there are numerous cannabis stores popping up all over Ontario, one of the things any cannabis retailer should consider is how to differentiate themselves from the other retailers. It is most especially difficult to differentiate yourself online given the stiff competition in the digital world. A smooth shopping experience is another way on how Sativa Bliss ensures that they provide a better customer experience. One of the strengths of Sativa Bliss is their website that provides not just a unique, clean, and different feel and look, but also a hassle-free pre and post purchasing experience. The entire purchasing process up to the completion of the payment is easy and pretty straightforward.

Sativa Bliss’ website provides all the information that you need about the store as well as the products that it offers. One can efficiently navigate through product pages with each page containing all the information that customers need to know about the specific products. After completing an order with Sativa Bliss’ website, one can always contact their customer support for questions about the order. The usual questions that the store encounters deal with consumption methods and effects, buying guide, and pricing details. Sativa Bliss customer support team are knowledgeable and friendly (and happen to be marijuana enthusiasts) are always available for consultation and are happy to help you find what you are looking for. Rest assured that their customer support staff are able to educate customers about all things cannabis. They can discuss with customers all day about weed, bongs, pipes, vapes, edibles and everything in between.

Sativa Bliss perfectly knows how competition is in the online world and they exactly nailed it when it comes to online presence, most especially when it comes to providing better customer service. Sativa Bliss is committed to provide a safe and welcoming environment for new and existing cannabis users, offering a unique shopping experience with a wide range of high-quality cannabis products and accessories at affordable price points.

About Sativa Bliss Cannabis Boutique
Sativa Bliss Cannabis Boutique is a chain of licensed cannabis stores with locations throughout Ontario. They are an independent, Canadian owned & operated Cannabis Retail Company who are passionate about the cannabis industry. They strive to create a culture that fosters acceptance, community, ongoing-education, and sustainability. They are passionate about destigmatizing cannabis, ensuring their team and partnerships reflect the diversity found in the cannabis community, giving back to the neighbourhoods they serve and educating everyone from the canna-curious to the connoisseurs. For more information, please visit

Sativa Bliss Cannabis Boutique Kitchener dispensary is now open Mondays to Sundays from 10AM to 8PM. During the current COVID restrictions in Ontario, their store is only open for Curbside Pickup and Same Day Delivery if you order by 6pm.

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