Nick Herle and Heli Aviation Offer Important Wildlife Management Tool for the FWC

Nick Herle and Heli Aviation Offer Important Wildlife Management Tool for the FWC
Tampa, FL, February 19, 2021 --( Florida currently has an incredibly rich ecosystem that’s filled with various species of plants and animals. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) in Florida is the main entity in charge of preserving the varied land and water habitats located throughout 66,000 square miles of the state.

Recently, the FWC has partnered with Nick Herle’s aviation institute Heli Aviation to work towards a more efficient strategy for wildlife conservation and management. Heli Aviation is a Florida based helicopter service and flight training academy that’s run by chief pilot, Nick Herle, who has previously also worked on environmental and disaster relief programs.

The threat of naturally occurring fires remains rife in Florida, with the last wildfire taking place in May of last year. To better equip conservation institutes with the tools to tackle forest fires and wildlife endangerment, Nick Herle, alongside his crew and FWC, has curated safety-controlled fire techniques to maintain the ecosystem currently present in Florida.

Through the process of "controlled burning" Nick Herle and PWC hope to mitigate wildfire damage in a way that would prove to be beneficial for the local wildlife. When asked to elaborate on the process, a representative of PWC said, "Prescribed, or controlled burning greatly helps the ecosystem. It’s a planned fire that poses no threat to any living creature, but maintains the health of the forest.

"While excessive burning is terrible for plant and animal life, when the fire is administered and controlled, you can encourage a sustainable ecosystem. Additionally, the fire eliminates the already dead matter and gives space to new and unhealthy roots to grow. Of course, mitigation is important for this plan to follow through, which is why we work closely with Heli Aviation. The crew, under the orders of Nick Herle, can help us swiftly control the fire with the help of their helicopters, with no risk of the fire spreading further."

More information about the project can be found on Nick Herle’s official website.

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