Scottsdale Author Publishes Digital Audible Helping Moms On-the-Go Live a Guilt-Free Life in Pandemic

"Living Your Best Life" is a game changer for moms struggling with self-doubt, guilt and comparison traps during pandemic. This book offers women actionable steps to exchange guilt for grace, comparison for contentment, to find their tribe and write their story. Audible newly released on Audible app.

Scottsdale Author Publishes Digital Audible Helping Moms On-the-Go Live a Guilt-Free Life in Pandemic
Scottsdale, AZ, February 24, 2021 --( Scottsdale author publishes "Living Your Best Life" during pandemic to help free women of mom-guilt, shame and comparison traps. With over 64 million Americans living with children under the age of 18 during the pandemic, the struggle is real. Over 100 moms were asked to describe how they felt in the various roles they played, in and outside the home, and words like: exhausted, overwhelmed, not enough, stressed, unqualified and anxious resonated with moms from all ages and stages.

In "Living Your Best Life," Stephanie said: “As a mom, I found myself exhausted, living in organized chaos, but it turns out, it was just chaos. I sat on the end of my bed, in tears as four kids under seven years old ran wild through the house. My life felt like herding cats in a rainstorm. How did I get here? I thought my days would feel happier. Just a few years earlier, I had worked outside the home, climbing the corporate ladder, traveling, and now, here I am feeling guilty for wanting my old life back, after praying so long, for the one I had. There had to be a freer, happier, unstuck life waiting for me.”

And that’s when her pain became a platform of change, to help other women find the goodness in the hard places, to create breathing room and boundaries, to generate a better life, amongst the tough times. What started as a mom blog in Alpharetta, Georgia became a column in the local paper and then a book idea for moms on-the-go, navigating difficult seasons of life.

"We measure our success by the success of our kids: their grades, their friends and their happiness," Pletka said, "Allowing the To-Do list to become our boss, living life to the busy, instead of to the full. When we compare ourselves to others, we will always fall short. And that’s when the mom-guilt sets in. Self-doubt reminds us that we aren’t enough. That we should be further along in life. That someone else could do a better job raising your kids. Wearing anything less than a superhero cape means we are letting the world down."

"Living Your Best Life" examines twelves struggles we deal with as moms, and the steps needed to be the authentic women God created us to be, ourselves!

This book offers actionable steps to help women:

* Recognize and combat self-doubt and comparison
* Let go of emotional baggage to live a freer, unstuck life
* Exchange guilt for grace, perfection for contentment
* Find their tribe and write their story

For more information, contact regarding questions and interviews or visit the website at "Living Your Best Life" can be found where all books are sold and the audible purchased on iTunes, Amazon and the Audible app. It’s time to make the change, to be the change. Here’s to Living Your Best Life.

Stephanie Pletka is a speaker, entrepreneur and author of "Living Your Best Life." A Southern transplant, she lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband and four kids, exploring the beauty of the West.
Stephanie Pletka
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