Florida Premier Home Solutions, a Local Real Estate Solutions Firm, Says There’s a Way to Sell Any House on Any Urgent Timeline

The traditional real estate industry and its professionals have conditioned us to believe that there is really one way to sell a home, with a real estate agent. This route can be pricy, and often too costly for a seller. Florida Premier Home solutions is helping sellers exit without the headaches and quickly. Not every home-seller is best served by a realtor, there is a solution that allows a seller to sell their house and be rid of their encumbrance.

Florida Premier Home Solutions, a Local Real Estate Solutions Firm, Says There’s a Way to Sell Any House on Any Urgent Timeline
Orlando, FL, March 24, 2021 --(PR.com)-- One local real estate service company, Florida Premier Home Solutions, says that realtors have been misleading homeowners with the notion that houses can only be sold by listing them in the traditional manner and waiting months, even years, before serious buyers show up to buy their house. Executive Lauren Dulgheru, exposes a way to speed up a home sale without the “normal” inconvenience and hassle of listing with a traditional realtor, particularly with the restrictions on personal interaction imposed by the pandemic.

“If it’s taking you too long to sell your home, or you’re thinking of selling but you can’t take risks with it not selling, you need to know there is a different way to peel the home-selling apple,” says Ms. Dulgheru. “Homeowners who are having trouble making ends meet, or home sellers who now have a moving deadline bearing down on them are in for a pleasant surprise,” she added. "Florida Premier Home Solutions has written a report that explains a different way to sell a house in less time, and will save the home-seller months, even years, of waiting time that no one is telling them about."

This new report reveals:

The biggest mistakes homeowners make when trying to sell their house - because no one informed them otherwise.

The little-known method of financing that allows you to sell in even as few as seven days, but still enables you to qualify for a loan to buy your new home.

Strategies of how: to knock months and even years off the selling time of your home, to save yourself needless anxiety and grief, and to create the flexibility to move on your schedule.

And more

The report has angered many traditional realtors. FPHS's mission is to ensure that home sellers are aware of the options that are available to them. Ms. Dulgheru believes that the consumers have a right to know all the possible ways to get their houses sold and not get financially overwhelmed when their "must move by" date arrives. With creative financing, home sellers can sell and move when it suits them, and not be hostage to the conventional real estate marketplace that is indifferent to their situation.

If you want readers to get a totally different approach to selling their homes, and to fully uncover what realtors are not telling home-sellers, contact Lauren Dulgheru at (561)-247-2928 or email info@needtosellstat.com to gain access to the newly released report to get an entertaining and lively interview.
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