AcornOak Adopts Digital Currencies

Digital Currencies Are Powering Today's Economy, Innovative Brands and Thriving Organizations

AcornOak Adopts Digital Currencies
New York, NY, June 22, 2021 --( AcornOak, a cooperative community powered by women of experience, is joining SEEDS ( a movement for movements, that provides tools and systems to support the co-creation of a thriving world.

As a forward-focused, disruptive marketing agency, influenced by the shift in societal values and always on the lookout for innovative business models emerging from the array of new technologies, AcornOak is experimenting with the future of money through digital currencies.

Today’s economy demands a new approach and worldview to create, drive, and grow businesses that survive and adapt in this challenging environment. Factors like the overwhelming variety of products and services in any given industry and consumers’ short attention spans, feelings of distrust, and rejection of traditional advertising are putting businesses stuck in the 20th century at risk.

Several co-founders have deep experience launching innovative businesses accepting bitcoin, so AcornOak is plunging into the digital currency waters with its latest venture, AO DECK. The first-ever Customer Relationship Builder solution (CRB, not simply CRM), AO DECK is centered on learning from others and with others in a non-competitive mindset community. AO DECK had a successful beta phase and is now set for release.

Those eager to embrace the future can explore distributed infrastructure and digital currencies at a Holochain Workshop hosted by AcornOak Studio and discover more by listening to Pass The Mic Podcast, Episodes #18 and #21.

About AcornOak

Established in 2019, AcornOak is a new model of agency supporting business regrowth, remote working, and rethinking traditional business models by helping clients choose an effective combination of expert services to achieve distinct goals. We are an expert strategic advisory and digital marketing team of tech-savvy, socially responsible women serving as Marketers-for-Hire, Fractional CMOs, Trainers, and Advisors. We help small and mid-size organizations build remarkable brands and seize opportunities for growth.

Our mission is to empower a collaborative community of experienced women to deliver impactful services to clients by fostering the necessary framework and tools to be financially independent, socially conscious, self-authoring leaders who thrive in the future of work.

AcornOak hosts Pass The Mic Podcast, intellectual discussions where small gatherings of people, with diverse points of view and different experiences, come to the table to discover others and learn something new. To find out more, visit or contact the podcast moderator, Virginie Glaenzer, at or 718-902-5455.
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