SouthEast Innovation Institute Aligned for Success to Assist Tech Companies

The SouthEast Innovation Institute (SEII), a not-for-profit 501(c)3 research institute, is uniquely aligned through their partnerships and personnel to help companies identify and acquire government funding. The organization is rapidly growing across the Southeast U.S. to expand technology commercialization for small businesses and align military innovative needs with private commercial interests.

SouthEast Innovation Institute Aligned for Success to Assist Tech Companies
Dacula, GA, August 06, 2021 --( The SEII team is at the forefront of competing and cooperating with foreign counterparts, driving key innovation in the intellectual property landscape to excel beyond developments in China and Russia. SEII aligns high tech companies having ingenuity that match government innovation needs to facilitate funding opportunity.

By leveraging SEII resources, network, and experience with third party innovative technology and technical expertise, SEII partners to initiate commercial growth, viability, and opportunity for funding. The SEII team is experienced in growing company collaboration to support government solicitation requests, and further assist companies in selecting the appropriate funding avenues, navigating the application process, and providing necessary resources and sponsor(s) to manage funded awards. The SEII team assists to ensure compliance with the terms of the awarded funding and to grow the award into multiple phases of development to secure a government buyer.

Staffed with legal, financial, and technical experts whose knowledge of intellectual property, regulatory, and financial strategy in both the commercial and government space, SEII offers a unique eye for spotting and navigating risk and opportunity. Their diverse skill set enables SEII to surpass challenges to ensure clients’ goals are met.

In order to best assist their clients and understand government needs, SEII builds consortiums and strategic partnerships with government, academic, and commercial entities. These connections allow SEII to afford clients a broad opportunity for funding, support, and commercial/innovative partnerships. As a founder of the Commercial Capabilities Integration Hub (CCIH), for example, SEII services the strategic partnership that partners with Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC), the Small Business Consulting Corporation (SBCC), and the Biomedical Research Foundation’s Entrepreneur Accelerator Program (EAP), to deliver technology solutions for the United States Air Force. This strategic partnership enables SEII to directly align innovation to Air Force specific requirements, thereby better positioning companies to obtain Air Force funding and to identify end-users and government buyers.

By supporting innovation and developing strategic partnerships to further commercial and government growth, advancement, and integration, the Southeast Innovation Institute achieves its mission, to unite industry, government, and the science and technology community through innovative collaboration.
SouthEast Innovation Institute (SEII)
Melissa K. Dobson