ARTILECT Launches A/SYS Outerwear with Trizar® Technology

ARTILECT Launches A/SYS Outerwear with Trizar® Technology
Boulder, CO, September 02, 2021 --( ARTILECT has adopted Trizar® fabric to add next-level innovation and technology to their cold weather collection for Fall 2022. The new line will also incorporate the advanced design that defines ARTILECT’s A/SYS collection to extend the comfort range and performance of their Outerwear.

Trizar® technology uses the science of emissivity to manage heat and thermo regulate garments. Natural materials are printed on to the fabric to increase the emissivity which reradiates heat back to the wearer.

“The goal of having more warmth without adding weight is key for our Fall/Winter 2022 3-layer styles,” adds Trent Bush Co Founder of ARTILECT. “We were fascinated by the breadth of application of the technology, and we have engineered a Trizar® print lining to add an increased dimension of performance to our ARTILECT A/SYS apparel system 3-layer fabrics.”

“Trizar® fabrics utilize Emisshield Inc.’s patented materials that uniquely add emissivity agents to enhance the heat accumulation properties of fabrics. Originally used for NASA spaceship tiles, these Emisshield materials can be added to fibers, films, and coatings to keep fabrics warmer longer,” says Brad Poorman CEO of Clean Textile technology. “High emissivity products are commonly used in sheer films and coatings to make thermal barriers for buildings saving energy and keeping buildings warmer.”


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Trizar® technology provides thermal management fabrics for Outdoor, Consumer, Athletic and Home Industries. Emisshield Inc. (our licensor) was just nominated to the Space Foundation Hall of Fame. Products using high emissivity materials have been used by Ski, Snowboard and Hunting companies (Kjus, O’Neill, FORLOH, Levi’s, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear, Mark’s) to consumers warmer longer. Products using low emissivity additives have been used in athletic and consumer products to keep everyone cooler in the sun (New Balance, Endeavor Athletic, Quiksilver, Nepa, Callaway).
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