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Asia is the fastest-growing region in ecommerce accounting for the largest percentage of sales, according to China is leading the ecommerce market in the Asia Pacific with 61% of consumers shopping online before the pandemic. The global pandemic has increased the volume of online ecommerce sales substantially. offers premium domain names so businesses can be indexed by search engines more quickly, gain followers more rapidly to make sales faster than branded domain names and save money marketing their websites. Premium domain names start at as little as $299.

The ecommerce industry is the new era of shopping for all sorts of products and services online and is growing at the fastest rate in history. Whether its shopping for a pair of pants, a diamond ring or a service to help at home like gardening or a plumber the online industry is booming with all sorts of websites to help consumers.

Ecommerce is rapidly growing and is expected to be a multi-trillion-dollar business in the next few years. Covid-19 helped to speed up online activity with consumer purchases and is certain to grow annually as consumers move away from shopping at stores and malls in person in exchange for the convenience and safety of shopping online.
Mike Colpitts