Doge Protocol, a Community-Driven Blockchain Project, Released Its Quantum Resistance Whitepaper

Doge Protocol, a Community-Driven Blockchain Project, Released Its Quantum Resistance Whitepaper
Tallinn, Estonia, October 13, 2021 --( The whitepaper on Doge Protocol’s quantum resistance blockchain states the following:

It highlights the fact that without a post-quantum cryptographic scheme, not only blockchains but also internet security protocols like TLS will be broken by quantum computers. This is because the underlying cryptographic schemes used in TLS currently are RSA or ECDSA, which are vulnerable to quantum computer attacks using Shor’s algorithm.

The impact of quantum computers on blockchains is more critical as they can be rendered invalid without possible recovery. This is because the authenticity of transactions can no longer be trusted. Doge Protocol addresses this problem by a hybrid proof-of-stake system, that will eliminate the need for proof-of-work mining, which faces the quantum threat due to Grover's algorithm.

Another quantum computer algorithm, known as Shor’s algorithm, can break current digital signature cryptography schemes and is more critical to the blockchains depending on RSA and ECDSA cryptography. Doge Protocol will mitigate this threat by using one of the round 3 candidates for Digital Signatures, listed in the NIST PQ cryptosystems.

Another feature of the Doge Protocol blockchain is that it will be extensible so that multiple digital algorithms can be used at any time. The signature will include additional context to indicate the signature scheme used. This will enable the blockchain to dynamically detect the signature scheme used for that user account or validator or smart contract.

Based on the comparison of NIST PQ cryptosystems and after evaluating the attack vectors, one of Falcon-512 or Falcon-1024 will be used in the initial release of Doge Protocol.

Doge Protocol leads the way in enhanced security against quantum computer threats and is the only blockchain using NIST PQ cryptosystems along with features like multi-signature scheme and key rotation support.
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