Anil Uzun Comments on the China Ban on Cryptocurrency

Anil Uzun comments on China's Central bank announcing all transactions of cryptocurrencies illegal.

Anil Uzun Comments on the China Ban on Cryptocurrency
London, United Kingdom, October 25, 2021 --( Anil Uzun is a serial entrepreneur with many years of experience in information technology, product development and innovation in the Fintech sector. As a venturer himself, Anil Uzun talks about the aim of fintech to build a better world. He commented on the ban on cryptocurrencies in China to Interact Media from Turkey.

“We knew this was coming, since trading cryptocurrencies have been officially banned in China since 2019, but Chinese traders created one of the world's largest cryptocurrency markets online through foreign exchanges,” says Anil Uzun.

Experts comment about the effect on the value of the coins the ban would have in the short run. Anil Uzun says, “We will all together see how the market will react in the long term. The first wave will be the flow of crypto funds offshore. Other crypto hubs will thrive in Asia.”

"We cannot control the organic growth of cryptomoney. The market will recover from the shockwave of the ban and I don’t think any ban would ​​ prevent the continuing upward trend of the crypto market,” he continues.

Who is Anil Uzun?

Anil Uzun is a visionary entrepreneur and investor based in London. He has an evangelical enthusiasm to support ventures, and his companies invest in emerging technologies in trading, payments, and many other internet-based services. His door is always open to people who have integrity, openness, and a collaborative mindset.
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