Clicks and Bricks Announces Interview with Dan Fradin of Impact Wraps

Dan Fradin, of Impact Wraps, has developed an interactive boxing bag that can be used in the gym or in the home. This will work for anyone who is serious about working on their boxing skills or who is trying to get a good work out. In this interview, Dan discusses how he came up with his idea and what it took to finally move it into production.

Clicks and Bricks Announces Interview with Dan Fradin of Impact Wraps
St. Louis, MO, October 13, 2021 --(

Since 2017, Impact Wrap has been the world’s leading platform for measuring, benchmarking, and gamifying combat fitness. In the interview, Dan discusses the attitude you need to have when you have a good product, but people are doubting you and your ability to come up with a successful prototype that will sell. He faced a good amount of adversity during the infant stages of product development.

Dan has participated in boxing for almost 30 years, but never had the ability to be scored by punching a bag. His interview discusses the idea he had to make the bag functional as both, an outlet for stress and a trainer all in one. He now has a very successful product which sells in numerous countries other than just the US.

About Clicks and Bricks: Clicks and Bricks is a St. Louis-based podcast, hosted by Ken Cox, helping small to midsize companies showcase their products and services from all over the US. Ken is a forward-thinking, technology-driven business man. The podcast not only spotlights these growing companies but also seeks their advice about what pieces of technology have worked best for them.

About Dan Fradin: Dan is a well-rounded entrepreneur with almost 30 years of experience in technology, digital marketing, sales, customer service, and martial arts. He's a thinker and a doer. He's worked at start-ups and not so successful start-ups, taking away learnings and skills that currently drive Impact Wrap, the world's only fully connected platform for combat fitness. With incredible case studies, like a complete turnaround for troubled gyms to incredible member engagement on social media and in clubs, Impact Wrap has proven to be a mature state-of-the-art system across fitness and martial arts businesses.
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