Milagro’s $2M Funding Brings Technology to Increase Restaurant Sales by $150K/Year Per Location

Cash infusion paves the way for Milagro’s leadership role to help restaurants increase sales and profitability using customer data.

Milagro’s $2M Funding Brings Technology to Increase Restaurant Sales by $150K/Year Per Location
Dallas, TX, October 21, 2021 --( The restaurants that failed to implement new age restaurant marketing technology during the pandemic lost revenue by being forced to close down while competitors who had invested in technology opened new concepts and even grew sales. For example, Chili’s new concept, Its Just Wings, did $170MM in annualized sales during the pandemic while others were forced to close down, thanks to the technology that powers their restaurant marketing strategy.

Restaurant Personalized Marketing (RPM) has been proven to increase sales and profits by double digits, but the restaurants are losing money because they do not understand how to personalize marketing messages to each customer based on shopping behavior. Restaurants do not have a way to gather actionable transactional data, nor would they know how to monetize it if they did. Lastly they cannot measure the ROI to know what works and what does not. This is why restaurants are losing money, they just don’t know it.

Milagro will make strategic investments in its cutting edge technology to improve restaurant owners and operators ability to increase sales, scale profitability and identify new growth paths using their customer’s transactional data.

Milagro’s Restaurant Operating System (RSO) combines 15 solutions into a single, unified platform to gather customer transactional data and monetize it in order to increase sales & profitability.

Milagro solved three major problems in the restaurant industry and aims to use the new funding to push forward and bring its solutions to new customers as well as add additional products that serve the restaurant industry’s interest and deliver on their vision.

Restaurant owners do not know how to gather customer transactional data in order to effectively monetize on their existing customers to increase sales & profits.

All restaurants burn through cash by using the same mass marketing methods as their competitors and hemorrhaging money due to lack of customer data.

Restaurant owners hate having to use up to 15 individual technology vendors just to run a restaurant, Milagro’s Restaurant Operating System (RSO) replaces all 15 vendors into single platform.

Milagro has taken a completely different approach than traditional players to solve these three major problems. Instead of copycatting the competition, Milagro’s Restaurant Operating System automatically builds a profile of every customer, tags and segments the data, takes action by marketing to the customer with personalized marketing and most importantly measures the success of each campaign in order to find the most profitable avenues to reach each customer.

About Milagro
Milagro is an AI powered Marketing Automation platform designed and built for multi-location restaurants and retailers. Built from the ground up, Milagro automatically creates a profile of every customer along with their preferences in order to individually and effectively advertise to them while measuring the exact ROI of each campaign. Milagro’s solutions include SmartPOS, Wait List & Reservations, Customer Experience Management, Online Ordering, SmartMENUS with tableside ordering & payments, Gift Cards, Loyalty, PCI Compliance, Managed Network Security and more. For more information visit

Richard Parker
Richard Parker