Boat Injury Law Firm Gives Clients Free Tablets

Maritime injury law firm, Fulweiler llc believes clients need to be in contact with their attorney in order to obtain justice. Many clients cannot afford a smartphone or tablet which is why Fulweiler llc has started a program where it gives a free Android Tablet to its clients. It makes it easier to communicate and it's just the fair thing to do.

Boat Injury Law Firm Gives Clients Free Tablets
Newport, RI, October 26, 2021 --( You might hear John Fulweiler talking about his maritime law firm being battle-tested: “It’s how we describe the many wars we’ve fought to success for our clients.” But he also talks about the importance of working with the client during every step of the case and how his firm’s newest initiative of giving Android tablets to clients is a critical part of helping injured maritime workers and passengers.

“We don’t win cases; our clients do. The relationship with our clients is vital to obtaining justice. We need to live their lives and we can’t do that if the client can’t communicate with us. Having a client who can read a document or quickly answer an email is key to winning lawsuits and it’s why we’ve started our Android tablet program. Clients get a tablet that we’ve set-up to make it easy for them to reach us.”

Fulweiler llc ( is a maritime injury law firm with an office in Newport, Rhode Island, but with a nationwide practice. The firm has represented claimants in major maritime casualties involving ferries, fishing boats, cargo ships and the recreational boating sector. A proctor-in-admiralty, John Fulweiler used to work on commercial vessels so he knows the practical and legal side of each client’s case.

“From Nevada, down to Florida and up to Maine, seriously injured passengers and maritime workers seek us out because we’re not a factory. You’re not just a file around here; we take a limited number of cases and our philosophy is the client is in the driver’s seat with us. To do that, clients need to communicate with us no matter their economic circumstances and that’s why what we’re doing with tablets is important. It makes things fair.”

With decades of experience, Fulweiler llc represents those injured working and recreating on and around the sea. The firm can be reached at 401-667-0977 or 1-800-383-MAYDAY (6293).

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