United Energy Trading (UET) Becomes First Energy Services Provider in North America to be Green-e® Marketplace Certified

UET is the first, and only, seller of Green-e® certified products that is also Green-e® Marketplace certified.

United Energy Trading (UET) Becomes First Energy Services Provider in North America to be Green-e® Marketplace Certified
Fresno, CA, November 18, 2021 --(PR.com)-- United Energy Trading (UET) has achieved the prestigious distinction of becoming Green-e® Marketplace certified for making 100% renewable energy purchases across their fully integrated operation line. UET supplies natural gas services across North America, while also offering Green-e® Energy certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) and Carbon Offsets via DBA’s such as Kratos Gas & Power, Callective Energy, United Green Energy (UGE) and Uncle Frank Energy Services. In addition, UET became one of the only energy services providers in the United States that has offset its carbon footprint. Including its 100% renewable energy commitment, UET offsets their carbon output for all office buildings, electricity, and natural gas usage, including work from home employees and work-related travel. UET also negates the carbon footprint related to the transportation of their energy products, and the greenhouse gas emissions related to the production of oil. With 17 offices throughout the United States and Canada, UET will be neutralizing 5,100 tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

“Today, UET is proud to be a disruptive leader in the new energy frontier. Our expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to our customers position us to deliver exciting sustainable solutions, while maintaining access to reliable and affordable energy,” said Thomas Smith, President of UET.

Green-e® Marketplace, a program administered by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions, is a rigorous certification for companies who have committed to 100% renewable certified energy procurement. With this commitment, UET joins an elite group of committed organizations that have made a decision for better environmental health. The Green-e® program is a trusted international certification which consumers and businesses alike can rely on for clean energy endorsements and information. Participants in the Green-e® programs are active proponents in environmental change and a renewable future for all.

UET has also committed to positive eco-health through important and beneficial partnerships with Plant-It 2020 and 4Ocean to attack climate change on multiple levels. Starting in 2018, the combined efforts of UET, Callective Energy, and UGE have helped plant over 8,376 trees and remove over 3,500 pounds of trash from oceans. Callective Energy has purchased over ninety-six thousand tons of carbon offsets for their Green Gas customers in California. That is equivalent to taking over 50 thousand cars off of the road for a year. By continuing to offer respected, reliable, and now clean energy options across the United States, UET is leading the charge towards a better future.

About United Energy Trading
United Energy Trading, LLC is a fully integrated energy marketing and logistics organization with operations throughout the continental United States and Canada. UET purchases, transports, and/or sells a wide array of energy products throughout North America. UET specifically sells environmentally friendly products such as Carbon Offset Green Gas, RNG, RSG, Renewable Fuels, Carbon Offsets and RECs and is experiencing significant growth in this area as consumers more widely embrace Green Energy and the positive impact it has on the environment.
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