The Discipline Therapy Podcast, Hosted by E.L Discipline and Sujey Sotomayor, Shares Their Story of Rapid Success, with Andrea Johnson Books Publishing

E.L Discipline, the co-host of the fast rising show: The Discipline Therapy Podcast, discusses his journey as a successful podcaster and plans for the future, in the show's first press release, with Andrea Johnson Books Publishing.

The Discipline Therapy Podcast, Hosted by E.L Discipline and Sujey Sotomayor, Shares Their Story of Rapid Success, with Andrea Johnson Books Publishing
New York, NY, December 03, 2021 --( The Discipline Therapy Podcast was created and first aired on June 18, 2020. Having been on numerous shows and radio platforms, Author and Entrepreneur E.L Discipline saw a need for unfiltered views, and opinions. He believed that the widely categorized social media conglomerates, and public outlook, were based primarily on a contained source of information, in which the majority of people were greatly influenced by. Recognizing that there was a lack of impulsive clarity, Author E.L Discipline strove to create a platform that would eradicate the one-sided popular opinion and give room to an open plethora of unlimited conversation, where the uncensored may finally have a voice, and freedom of speech.

The Discipline Therapy Podcast is a “judgement free, sucker free, censor free, sensitive free, and plenty of liberty” stimulating conversations after dark, platform. Where you have the opportunity to hear what isn’t being said.

The Discipline Therapy Podcast, hosted by seven-time Author and Entrepreneur E.L Discipline, and his co-host and business manager Sujey Sotomayor, entertain a wide variety of topics and view points on the show. Consistently touching on relevant matters that are not often dissected, within today’s media and audio platforms.

Author and entrepreneur E.L Discipline believes that The Discipline Therapy Podcast will appeal to viewers who are ready to listen to a different narrative. People who are discontented with scripted dialogues, and pre-paid celebrity influence. Author and host E.L Discipline states, “A lot more women have bad habits, PTSD and are more damaged than men. And it has a lot to do with the past, and weak men in today’s society.” The Discipline Therapy Podcast intends to change the way we view ourselves as a whole.

The Discipline Therapy Podcast has a revitalized outlook for the everyday man and woman. There are many platforms and media streaming devices that are feeding a generic and uniform way of thinking and living. Author and host E.L Discipline along with his co-host Sujey Sotomayor, are dedicated towards giving a voice to the unheard. And opening a doorway that will create a wider path in public opinion. Their ultimate goal is to help people feel more comfortable in expressing the thoughts that are normally discouraged, and secluded.

Author and host E.L Discipline and his co-host Sujey Sotomayor, have created a platform that is geared for the people, with the intention of elevating and inspiring conversations, that may change the world. Host E.L Discipline states, “We speak on issues like how to be a real high value man, and it has nothing to do with money. How to be a dominant leader, not just any leader. Why women don’t want what they can get easily, and so much more. I want my viewers to know that they have somewhere they can go, where the truth is not filtered. And the politics are left outside the door. Everyone has an opinion. Our goal is to help them form real ones."

The Discipline Therapy Podcast can be seen on YouTube, subscribe to their YouTube channel: The Discipline Therapy Podcast, to see all past seasons and shows. Season six will be premiering on December 16th 2021 You can watch and listen in every Thursday night at 9pm ET / 6pm PT. Will be on Anchor, Spotify, Deezer, IHeartRadio, ITunes, Spreaker, GooglePodcast, Amazon Music, CastBox, JioSaavn and other listening platforms for season six and on.

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