SolarCraft Completes Solar Power Installation for Appellation Trading Company - Napa Valley Custom Wine Maker Says Goodbye to Utility Bills

Novato and Sonoma-based SolarCraft, recently completed the installation of a 65 kW DC solar electric system at Appellation Trading Company (ATC) in Napa, CA. Harnessing the power of the sun, ATC has increased the sustainability of their operations while cutting operating costs by over $19,000 annually and reduced their dependency on non-renewable energy sources.

SolarCraft Completes Solar Power Installation for Appellation Trading Company - Napa Valley Custom Wine Maker Says Goodbye to Utility Bills
Novato, CA, December 07, 2021 --( The solar photovoltaic system is roof mounted and consists of 153 high-efficiency 425-watt solar modules. It will provide 97,500 kWh of clean, sustainable power every year and any excess power generated flows back into the local utility system reducing the strain on the local power grid. With a 25-year warranty and 40+ year design life on the major system components, this system will be positively affecting ATC’s bottom line for decades to come.

“Appellation Trading Company is proud of its environmental roadmap and solar is another part of our innovative actions,” said Charles Bartlett CEO and Founder. “We have an opportunity to build a more sustainable and greener future for our winery and expand our energy efficiency through renewable power and couldn’t be more excited to lessen our carbon footprint.”

The annual clean energy production from the solar panels will offset nearly 70 metric tons of carbon dioxide that would otherwise be emitted by fossil-fuel based utility power. This impact is equivalent to removing air pollution produced by over 174,000 miles of driving annually or the pollutants removed by 85 acres of trees.

About SolarCraft
SolarCraft continues to provide clean energy and battery storage solutions throughout the North Bay while following strict health and safety protocols to protect employees, clients, and the community during the Coronavirus pandemic. SolarCraft is 100% Employee-Owned and is has been one of the largest green-tech employers based in the North Bay for over 35 years. SolarCraft delivers Clean Energy Solutions for homes and businesses including Solar Energy and Battery Energy Storage. With over 8,500 customers, our team of dedicated employee-owners is proud to have installed more clean energy systems than any other company in the North Bay.

About Appellation Trading Company
ATC offers a custom vines-to-wines service, creating specific wines, no matter the situation, for wineries, wine clubs, retailers, restaurants, hospitality companies and other organizations. ATC winemakers can disassemble a wine to recreate it systematically. ATC can also build something that encompasses regional tastes and characteristics. Established more than 12 years ago, Appellation Trading Company includes the industry’s most professional men and women, sommeliers, top viticulturists, accomplished winemakers and cellar masters.
Kim Burnett