VLC Announces DQMConnect: Driver Hiring, Qualification, Compliance, Audit & Management

Vehicle Licensing Consultants announces DQMConnect, a new, innovative product to service the trucking industry.

VLC Announces DQMConnect: Driver Hiring, Qualification, Compliance, Audit & Management
Auburn, CA, May 02, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Vehicle Licensing Consultants, today, announced DQMConnect, a Driver Management Platform, plus more, to service the Trucking Industry. From a SMART eApplication to enforcing all necessary documentation, this self-managed software tool assists the HR or Fleet Manager, or a compliance agency, to meet the needs and complexity of DOT driver qualifications.

DQMConnect features and benefits include:

• Hiring
• Smart eApplication
• Previous employment safety verification
• Customizable interview questions
• E–road test and automated certification
• Managing
• Driver life cycle workflow management
• DOT auditor managed portal
• HIPAA compliant
• Notifications, alerts for renewals
• Easy file upload
• Ability to manage multiple companies
• Communicating
• Driver communication portal
• Smart e-application enhanced to improve applicant experience
• Alerts: both text and email capable to access their portal
• Easy file upload
• Mobile friendly

About VLC: VLC is a full-service consulting firm, focused on providing fleet management solutions and compliance expertise in the trucking industry. VLC began with owner operator fleet compliance and quickly gained recognition for their knowledge and professional service acumen. With the data collected to help businesses acquire permits and meet required reporting deadlines for compliance, VLC quickly realized they could help in many other aspects, such as fleet optimization.

VLC has been serving the transportation industry for more than 50 years and has a wealth of information, an amazing staff, and software solutions that simplify trucking regulatory and compliance reporting. Their team of experts has helped many businesses overcome the challenges in the trucking industry and are constantly working to innovate and collaborate to make drivers and fleets the best they can be. In addition to all of the licensing, IRP registration, permitting, and reporting services, VLC uses their extensive knowledge and experience to solve business challenges related to driver safety, productivity, and reductions in operational costs.
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