NFT Workx Ltd. Launches a Free NFT AirDrop of One of Rami Abdin's Animated Art Work

NFT Workx Ltd. Launches a Free NFT AirDrop of One of Rami Abdin's Animated Art Work
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, December 22, 2021 --( This Free NFT AirDrop will allow collectors to gain 1 of 500 limited edition NFTs that are focused on a traditional cultural item of the beautiful, diverse and exciting country of the UAE.

NFT Workx, a specialist NFT Services company based in the UK who represents professional Artists, Photographers, Sports Clubs, Authors and Athletes from around the world, today announces the launch of Rami Abdins first Free NFT AirDrop as part of his "Beauty of the UAE" collection.

Rami Abdin is a professional photographer and videographer proudly born and raised in the UAE, who plans to show the world the beauty of UAE with his digital and animated photos of Iconic Landmarks, cultural Items, Wildlife and many more, which makes the UAE the special place that it is and to visit.

“To further expand the reach of my NFT Collections, I wanted to be able to offer some NFTs via a Free AirDrop so that no matter who you are, you would have the opportunity to own and collect one of these limited edition items, and to help people enter the NFT space for the first time...” said Rami Abdin.

This specific NFT AirDrop called "Traditional Coffee and Dates of the UAE" features an animated photo of this popular and very traditional item. Arabic coffee (pronounced “gahwa” in the Emirati Arabic dialect) has been a central part of Arab culture for centuries and its preparation and serving is marked by elaborate traditions and rituals.

The most important or oldest guest is served first, and the cup is only filled one-quarter full. It can then be refilled. Common practice is to drink at least one cup but not exceed three. Arabic coffee is made and enjoyed by men and women from all segments of society, particularly in the home.

“I chose this image because I felt it represents UAE’s culture and society in many ways and this is what I want my collection to achieve. By sharing these amazing images with people from around the world I hope that it will inspire and attract people to learn more about this wonderful country,” said Rami Abdin.

The Free NFT AirDrop can be accessed via the NFT Workx Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Telegram pages and will run until all 500 items have been allocated.

NFT Workx Ltd. who’s talented client Rami Abdin and a number of other artists from the region are now looking to expand their talents in the UAE by 2022.

“Today’s announcement marks yet another milestone in Rami’s determination and passion for his Art and NFTs and how he wants to be at the forefront of this new and exciting technology. The UAE is clearly the hub for talent and technology and we plan to expand our operations imminently as we move into 2022,” said Adam Leese, Co-Founder of NFT Workx Ltd.

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NFT Workx Ltd provide specialist NFT Services and represent professional Artists, Photographers, Authors, Sports Clubs and Athletes from around the world. Their services aim to help artists enter the world of NFTs and maximise the opportunities that these new marketplaces offer and at the same time, help to educate collectors and bridge the gap between traditional art and digital technologies.

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