SkySparc Migrates OmniFi to Cloud-Based Service Model

SkySparc, an independent solutions provider, has implemented its OmniFi solution for a major European corporate client on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis, via Microsoft Azure.

SkySparc Migrates OmniFi to Cloud-Based Service Model
Stockholm, Sweden, February 16, 2022 --( Under this new outsourced service model, SkySparc provides clients with all aspects of OmniFi’s functionality and maintenance remotely via the cloud, with minimal requirement for on-premise installation or support.

This means business users can use OmniFi seamlessly and securely to automate and integrate data and workflows with full remote support from SkySparc, but incurring only a very limited IT burden, thus reducing total cost of ownership.

The client uses OmniFi’s process automation and reporting capabilities to improve its treasury workflows and intends to widen its usage over time, including for test automation. Its decision to adopt OmniFi on a SaaS basis stems from a strategic decision to use a cloud-based IT infrastructure.

Recent research from Gartner¹ reported that continued adoption of SaaS solutions will increase market size by almost 50% between 2020 and 2022, as part of a wider upsurge in cloud-based expenditure, driven partly by business responses to Covid-19. A separate McKinsey² survey of business executives found that the share of digital or digitally enabled products in the portfolios of large global corporates has accelerated by seven years, due to the pandemic.

Under the SaaS model, SkySparc hosts and services the OmniFi platform and infrastructure, including application servers, storage, and database.

A number of SkySparc clients already host OmniFi in their own cloud, but under the new service all server components are fully managed by SkySparc. Due to the speed and efficiency benefits to upgrades, customization, and support services, SaaS will become the standard delivery channel for OmniFi.

In parallel with the switch to SaaS-based delivery, SkySparc has had its the information security management systems accredited and verified under the ISO 27001 standard to verify the quality and robustness of its data management processes on behalf of clients.

Marcus Gullers, Head of Product Management and Senior Manager, SkySparc, said: “We expect the majority of corporate treasuries and financial institutions to embrace the benefits of cloud-based service models as part of their digital transformation strategies. By developing new service models such as this, SkySparc is ready to drive these changes, enabling clients to leverage technology more flexibly and efficiency to power business growth.”
Cathrina Henriksen Cabrera
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