DogeZilla Introduces ZillaLegends and Plans Launch on Ethereum

DogeZilla Introduces ZillaLegends and Plans Launch on Ethereum
Oklahoma City, OK, March 28, 2022 --( DogeZilla began as a project in August of 2021 with the goal to create a safer crypto space by developing the Vault which is a private doxxed platform made to verify developers and reduce the risk of scams in the crypto space.

In about 6 months, DogeZilla which is currently only in the Binance Smart Chain network has grown to over 300,000 holders worldwide doing over 600 million in market cap at the previous All-Time-Highs.

Meanwhile, as the crypto bull run continues, DogeZilla introduces a new concept for a next-generation P2E (play-to-earn) game. The game is known as ZillaLegends and it will be on the ERC-20 network. It is a game that allows game players to breed DogeZillas together to make BabyZillas, level up their characters by fighting creatures, and earning valuable items during their quests.

Once they reach level 20, the BabyZillas will become a DogeZilla and can then participate in PVP (person-versus-person) Battles and earn their opponents inventory items and earn a kill count. Kill counts are critical for a DogeZilla to become a "Full Hero" DogeZilla which will then allow it to breed with another single "Full Hero" DogeZilla to create what is known as ZillaEgg.

Each ZillaEgg will have its own randomized unique natural attributes and carry traits from its parent DogeZilla. Some DogeZillas are trained to be more Warrior-like, while others may be more Wizard-like. The parents will create a ZillaEgg that will lean more towards the skillsets and attributes that it has acquired during its journey.

Once ZillaEggs are created the owner is minted an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. The ZillaEggs can be chosen to be incubated by the owner to create a brand new BabyZilla in the world or they can be set for sale on the ZillaVerse marketplace where they can be sold for DogeZilla tokens.

The game will revolve around DogeZilla 1st Edition NFTs Invasion Series that will be released later in Q3/Q4 of 2022. There are only 10,000 pieces of 1st Edition NFTs and each one unique with different rankings and from different cities.

The game will be a new breed of blockchain game, it will be an NFT MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that will earn DogeZilla holders rewards. Many are saying in due time, DogeZilla will be even bigger than Shiba Inu and Axie Infinity combined when DogeZilla is fully matured with ZillaVerse NFT marketplace along with ZillaLegends NFTs and 1st Edition DogeZilla NFTs. Details of the game can be found here: More details of the game will be released later next month.

ZillaLegends is expected to be released Q4 of 2022 after the release of ZillaVerse NFT marketplace and DogeZilla ERC-20 which will go on presale on Unicrypt later this week. Only the Platinum Tier holders will get access to the presale and whitelisted, while the Diamond Tier & Gold Tier will receive the direct link to the presale and token address after 30 minutes of going live. DogeZilla ERC-20 Bot will be released shortly for entries on Telegram. A holders list snapshot of Bscscan will be recorded on Wednesday at 9 AM Vancouver Time. Holders will have until then to acquire as many DogeZilla tokens they can get in order to be in the top tier and access Step 5 details.

On a side note, although developments are still pending release for the Vault on iOS and Android devices, 9ZEROES the developer of DogeZilla set out some different tier rankings per rewards. There are Platinum tiers for the Top 100 holders, Diamond Tier for the Top 1000 holders, and Gold Tier for the Top 10,000 holders. As of the time of this news release, the price to be in the Gold Tier is about $29 USD. More details on the Vault Tier video:

This is definitely a new era for DogeZilla and a very exciting future as DogeZilla expands its horizons to the Ethereum blockchain. DogeZilla will compete with the big dogs in the space with its innovative P2E game and future projects that will change the crypto space for good.

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