Kyle Clanton Brings Colorectal Cancer Awareness to the Catwalk Modeling Blue Shoes

Early onset colorectal cancer is a burgeoning problem in the United States and one that deserves greater attention. Kyle Clanton and his wife, Arriane Emdad, recently created a conversation during the Dallas Fashion Gala by modeling the catwalk in blue, the official color for colorectal cancer.

Kyle Clanton Brings Colorectal Cancer Awareness to the Catwalk Modeling Blue Shoes
Little Rock, AR, March 30, 2022 --( Kyle Clanton and his wife Arriane Emdad, who live in Little Rock, Arkansas, were met with thundering applause as they stepped onto the runway at Dallas Fashion Gala during the Say YES to Hope "Surviving in Fashion" showcase. Kyle is one of the growing numbers of young adults diagnosed with early onset colorectal cancer. He and his wife are doing their part to create awareness and to shine a spotlight on a little discussed diagnosis. Arriane modeled a beautiful blue gown, while Kyle wore a matching blue accented tux. Most visible and pertinent to his show of awareness were his blue shoes (the official color for colorectal cancer).

Kyle's cancer has spread to his liver, and he has endured surgery, multiple chemotherapy treatments, SIR-Spheres microspheres, and Cyberknife. Together, this young, dynamic couple is showing the world the importance of awareness, commitment, and courage as they navigate a diagnosis that shouldn't have been in their vocabulary for years to come.

This was the 5th year for Say YES to Hope to participate in the Dallas Fashion Gala produced by international fashion designer, Samina Mughal. Samina states, "The survivor showcase is a favorite for attendees and a beautiful chance for Stage 4 Cancer Survivors to enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity."

Say YES to Hope Co-Founder Suzanne Lindley shares that Kyle has the prime example of a great treatment team with a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, and interventional radiologist that meet to discuss his care. Suzanne says she knows that Kyle and Arriane are creating awareness about early onset colorectal cancer, but also showing the importance of having a multidisciplinary treatment team. Not all patients are so fortunate, and it is an important topic for all Stage 4 survivors to discuss.

People can reach the Say YES to Hope Toll-Free Survivor Line at 877-937-7478.
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