Ardo Launches the Most Innovative Breast Pump on the Market, the Ardo Alyssa

After supporting breast pumping families for the last 25 years, Ardo has launched the world’s first breast pump to help increase milk supply.

Ardo Launches the Most Innovative Breast Pump on the Market, the Ardo Alyssa
Herndon, VA, April 21, 2022 --( Ardo Medical, Inc., creators of the Swiss-made Ardo Calypso breast pump and other Swiss-made pregnancy and breast care products, announced today the most innovative product launch in company history with the release of the latest addition to its family of hospital strength (250mmHG at double pumping) personal breast pumps, the Ardo Alyssa breast pump.

“It is with great happiness and excitement that we announce the highly anticipated release of the Ardo Alyssa breast pump,” said Nikolaos Papadopoulos, President of Ardo Medical, Inc. “This breast pump is a true innovation for breast pumping families and it will eliminate the worry about not being able to pump enough milk for your baby.”

After years of research, development, and testing, the Ardo Alyssa breast pump is rolled out as the first and only breast pump in the world with The Personal Power Pump™ function that mimics cluster feeding which is shown to increase a breast pumper’s milk supply. The automatic Power Pumping of the Ardo Alyssa is a predefined one-hour interval pumping consisting of three pumping phases and two pause phases. While the duration of the pumping and pausing phases is predefined, breast pumpers can adjust the vacuum and cycle settings to their personal needs at any time. Power Pumping is a method recommended by health-care professionals to increase milk quantity and stabilize fluctuating milk quantities.

Additional Ardo Alyssa details:
· The Personal NICU Pump™: The hospital-grade Ardo Alyssa breast pump with NICU capabilities is also the world’s first Personal NICU Pump. Alyssa allows breast pumpers of premature babies to take their Personal NICU Pump home. Alyssa quickly establishes milk supply so that families can have peace-of-mind that their babies get their breastmilk. With all its abilities, Alyssa is the most comfortable pump on the market.
· Replay Button: The Memory Plus function saves breast pumper’s complete pumping session, settings and time, so they can repeat with every use.
· Built-in-Battery: The built-in rechargeable battery has a 2 day power reserve and recharges with an included USB cable charger.

The Ardo Alyssa breast pump is available now in the United States through insurance benefits and (starting at MSRP $249.99). For more information on the Ardo Alyssa, please visit

About Ardo
Nestled in the Swiss Alps is the home of Ardo Medical. This picturesque setting is where the Ardo Alyssa breast pump is meticulously assembled by hand, providing you the best Swiss-quality breast pump available. In the late 1960s, Ardo's founder was CEO of the world’s first breast pump company and brought the first electric breast pump from Switzerland to the United States. To this day, Ardo is a family-owned and family-run company.

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Source: Ardo Medical, Inc.
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