International Digital Wellness Day Will be Celebrated Globally on May 6, 2022

Over 400 digital wellness companies, experts and researchers will together celebrate the third annual Digital Wellness Day via virtual and physical gatherings across the globe.

International Digital Wellness Day Will be Celebrated Globally on May 6, 2022
San Francisco, CA, April 28, 2022 --( The second inaugural Digital Wellness Day in 2021, hosted by the Digital Wellness Institute in partnership with HAPPI, reached 7.6 million people worldwide, and this year over 10 million are expected to participate in virtual and in-person gatherings around the globe.

The mission of Digital Wellness Day is to empower individuals, communities and organizations with research-based tools and strategies to optimize their relationship with technology & those around them. With the increasing prevalence of hybrid work, digital wellness is no longer a luxury; it has become a business and lifestyle necessity. Individuals urgently need resources and support now.

COVID-19 triggered dramatic social-economic changes, resulting in many of us working from home and socializing remotely in a virtual world. As we begin to emerge from the impacts of COVID-19, Digital Wellness Day is a catalyst for exploring and sharing how we can evolve and flourish in this context of living and working, and encourages diverse audiences to publicly share their ideas and experiences regarding achieving digital wellbeing.

Digital Wellness Day presents an opportunity to highlight best practices in productivity and self-care relating to screen-time and highlight how technology can help us feel together rather than apart. The day includes a full day of free events, resources and best practices for all ages to explore digital flourishing®: a positive psychology based, mindful approach to technology usage.

Nine signature panels will be held representing the foremost experts and pressing topics in the field. Here is a complete list:

Additional resources for Digital Wellness Day include a Digital Wellness Toolkit for year-round use, a free, ground-breaking digital wellness virtual check-up, and free copy of the bestselling Ebook “Your Guide for Surviving Thriving in the Remote Work Era.” These materials will be available to Ambassadors of Digital Wellness Day so they may be equipped with cutting-edge research and resources on digital wellness.

“Our team is delighted to host Digital Wellness Day, providing resources for year-round digital wellness,” says Nina Hersher, Executive Director of Digital Wellness Day and CEO of the Digital Wellness Institute. “We have the power to utilize technology in a way that fuels versus fatigues us. This knowledge is integral to the Digital Wellness movement – where each of us can become an embodied change agent toward a culture of digital flourishing.”

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