Skin EX Introduces Their Latest Technology for Beauty Rejuvenation

Skin EX PlasmaGas Wand Technology is a unique cosmetic technology that utilizes hot (140 degrees Fahrenheit) Tesla coil sparks to burn and char the top layer of dead skin (stratum corneum). Thousands of tiny perforations, holes, or divots, gently pull and tug on each other during healing. This surface tension or compressive force creates the cosmetic appearance of an elastic nylon stocking: a slimmer, narrower, smoother, wrinkle-free facial surface, and a sleeker silhouette.

Skin EX Introduces Their Latest Technology for Beauty Rejuvenation
Los Angeles, CA, June 13, 2022 --(

What does Skin EX PlasmaGas Wand Technology Accomplish?

Skin EX PlasmaGas technology is a unique, electricity-energized conversion of ordinary, uncharged, neutral atmospheric nitrogen gas (N2) into an ionized, positively charged cloud of hot (140 degrees Fahrenheit) plasma gas. This is known as a "Nikola Tesla-coil" type of plasma gas after the 19th-Century inventor of alternating current electricity.

Note that this "plasma" gas has absolutely nothing to do with blood, blood plasma, red or white blood cells, blood transfusions, or PRP ("protein-rich plasma"), micro needling procedures. It is unrelated to lasers and RF (radio-frequency) dermal remodeling treatments.

Instead, Skin EX PlasmaGas is described as the fourth state of matter. The other 3 states of matter are solid, liquid, and gas.

Think of this Tesla Plasma as an electrified gas cloud after lightning strikes. The hot, anionic (positively charged) nitrogen gas molecules combust with oxygen molecules on the skin's dead epidermal surface or stratum corneum.

The Skin EX PlasmaGas Wand discharges hot sparks that explode like microscopic hand grenades at a controlled height of 1-2 mm above the skin.

Neither the Skin EX pen, nor the spark, ever touches the skin. Like surgical electro-fulguration, the hot sparks release heat that burns thousands of tiny, 1-by-1 mm holes, pits, charred carbon crusts, or perforations into the dead stratum corneum.

Living epidermis, papillary dermis, reticular dermis, blood vessels, hair follicles, sebaceous and sweat glands, sensory receptors, subcutaneous fat, muscle, fascia, and bone remain totally unaffected.

No anatomic or physiologic changes occur beneath the surface of dead stratum corneum.

Specifically, no new collagen proteins, elastic tissue, fibroblast cells, or hyaluronic dermal matrix gels are changed, stimulated, produced, multiplied, replicated, remodeled, or altered in any way.

Skin EX PlasmaGas Wand effects are purely visual and cosmetic. They are not medical, therapeutic, anatomical, or physiological.

This technology is a unique, non-surgical, non-invasive, ablative (meaning that tissue is heat-destroyed), but non-penetrating perforation of the dead skin surface only.

As each burn wound or carbon charred crust heals by surface contraction, it gently pulls and tugs on each of its neighbors. Multiple technician-designed customized patterns of artistic skin-surface tension forces combine to create net vector forces that stretch and compress lax skin.

The overall effect is similar to stretching an elastic nylon stocking over a plump woman's flabby lower leg skin.

The result is a desirable, slimmer, sleeker, and narrower silhouette.

The cosmetic appearance creates a visibly smoother skin surface with fewer visible wrinkles. These cosmetic effects can last up to three years as reported by thousands of satisfied patients. The procedure has shown to be safe for over 6 years now.

Periodic touch-up procedures are usually required. These can begin starting as soon as 8 weeks after treatment, as needed.
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