Global Cancer Technology Successfully Concludes Glioblastoma Pre-Clinical Animal Studies with Impressive Results

Global Cancer Technology, a San Diego, CA biotechnology company, has successfully completed animal testing with GCT.GLIO.1, a PI3K selective inhibitor that can cross the blood brain barrier and modulate immune cell function. The company will advance the compound to Phase 1 clinical trials as a next step.

Global Cancer Technology Successfully Concludes Glioblastoma Pre-Clinical Animal Studies with Impressive Results
San Diego, CA, July 08, 2022 --( Global Cancer Technology, Inc. (GCT) announced today that it has successfully conducted glioblastoma pre-clinical animal studies and is preparing for Phase 1 clinical trials. The company has been advancing the selective inhibitor through laboratory and animal testing. Glioblastoma is one of the most complex, deadly, and difficult to treat cancers. It is a challenging disease with an average survival time of eight (8) months following diagnosis and less than 7% five-year survival rate.

“These excellent results in cell culture demonstrate that GCT.GLIO.1 can induce cell arrest, increase immune recognition for check point therapies and increase sensitivity to radiation. These are promising effects in an animal model of glioblastoma,” stated Dr. Fonkem, a luminary neuro oncologist at Baylor Scott & White. He continued, “Some of the findings from this research were presented at the AACR annual meeting in New Orleans in March of 2022.”

“We found significant induction of PD-L1 in GL261 cells in culture and similar results on the Human GBM cell line U251,” said Karen Newell Rogers, PhD, chief scientific consultant for GCT. Dr. Rogers is also a professor and immunologist at Texas A&M University. “In fact, in several animals treated with GCT.GLIO.1 and a checkpoint inhibitor, the tumor regressed. These animals remained tumor-free for as long as 70 days after the tumor was implanted,” Dr. Newell further commented.

“The entire team at Global Cancer Technology is delighted with these pre-clinical results. We are looking forward to entering a Phase 1 clinical trial once our remaining pre-clinical work is completed,” said John Clark, CEO of GCT. He added, “There is a great deal of interest in PI3K inhibitors, and we are at the forefront in developing this promising therapy to give hope to those inflicted with this deadly disease.”

About Global Cancer Technology
Global Cancer Technology (GCT) is a non-revenue emerging biopharmaceutical company that financially operates as a medical technology holding company. GCT holds numerous patents and other assets including licenses to commercialize nanoparticle technology for the treatment of COVID-19, cancer and other diseases requiring targeted therapeutic delivery. In collaboration with highly acclaimed academic institutions along with recognized industry leaders, GCT aims to make novel therapies available to patients as quickly as possible. The company has already raised $1 million in a private placement and is currently raising capital to enter a Phase 1 clinical trial with their compound GCT.GLIO.1

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