Put Your Brain First: a Guidebook for Adding More Health to Your Years

Landmark book details how working towards a healthy brain can also lead to a healthy body.

Put Your Brain First: a Guidebook for Adding More Health to Your Years
Cincinnati, OH, July 13, 2022 --(PR.com)-- After years of research, development, and trial programs, Activate Brain & Body Holdings, Inc. is sharing their expertise in a practical guide for focusing on brain health as the path to a healthy brain and a healthy body.

“Decades of research support the fact that physical activity is the undisputed driver of a healthy aging brain and body,” said Marie Stoner, Clinical Psychologist and Activate Chief Science Officer. “However, certain types of exercise, combined with specific cognitive training techniques, are especially important for brain health because they capitalize on the brain’s ability to restructure and create backup capacity that can be tapped into when needed.” This backup capacity is described as Cognitive Reserve.

Put Your Brain First details how individuals can take charge of the way they age and build Cognitive Reserve through research-based lifestyle choices that encompass exercise, cognitive engagement, brain-healthy nutrition, stress management, and being socially active. Prioritizing lifestyle choices by their positive impact on brain health means that the body will also benefit.

Stoner adds: “Chronological aging is inevitable, but that’s not necessarily true for functional aging. Most people want to add more health to their years but aren’t informed about the best practices to support their goals.”

Put Your Brain First translates research into steps people of all ages and fitness levels can take right now that can have an impact on their own trajectory of aging. It also dispels myths about brain health – no, you were not born with all the brain cells you’ll ever have, and yes, you can generate new brain cells. The book describes the science and process of building and sustaining new brain cells.

“Our ultimate goal is to empower people with the knowledge and tools to help them live their life to the fullest, physically as well as cognitively,” said John Spence, Activate CEO and President. “We discovered that regardless of age, when you prioritize brain health, the process also enables the body to thrive.”

“Put Your Brain First is a must-read for anyone who wants their brain to last as long as their body and their body to last as long as their brain,” said Dr. Dan Ritchie, President and Co-Founder Functional Aging Institute and member of the Board of Directors for Activate Brain & Body.

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About Activate Brain & Body Holdings, Inc.
With decades of industry experience and research to guide them, the leadership of Activate Brain & Body has developed a concept that is the future of healthy aging. The goal is to help people take charge of the way their brains and bodies age, hopefully lessening the negative effects. The scientifically based center in Cincinnati provides personalized physical and cognitive training programs with a Certified Brain Health Trainer. These comprehensive programs help members build Physical and Cognitive Reserves so they can enjoy longer, healthier, and happier lives.

About Put Your Brain First
Put Your Brain First provides practical and actionable information for people of all ages who want to take charge of the way their brains and bodies age. The book, published by Niche Pressworks, is available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle.
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