Yan Xiong, Candidate for 10th Congressional District

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Yan Xiong, Candidate for 10th Congressional District
Flushing, NY, August 20, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Yan Xiong (熊焱) is a Chinese American human rights activist, military officer, and chaplain running for Congress in NY-10. After coming to the United States of America in 1992, Yan became a US Army chaplain, serving his country in Iraq. Yan is the author of three books and has earned six degrees during his time as a student. Yan is running to be the first Asian American Congressman from NY-10, and his goal is to deliver solutions to make communities safe, inclusive, prosperous and affordable for all.

Unlike his competitors for the NY-10 congressional seat, Yan is not a career politician. He decided to run for Congress because he felt career politicians have left too many people behind due to inaction or indifference.

Unlike many elected to Congress, Yan believes progress is not at all partisan. He believes too many career politicians have gone to Congress and forgotten about those who elected them to that position. Yan insists that our leadership cannot leave behind an America ridden with division and inflation. How is that fair to younger generations? Yan believes there must be a new standard for elected officials, as those who seek power over service have no place in Congress.

Throughout his campaign trail in New York’s 10th congressional district, Yan made clear that he hears the needs of constituents. He knows that all people deserve a better quality of life, students deserve better quality education, and that vulnerable people deserve more access to housing and healthcare services. He understands that so many politicians come out to make promises, then disappear after winning because they are consumed with this power. Yan knows that many feel apathetic toward government because of these career politicians, but he wants everyone to know that change is possible, as Yan’s dedication to serving this country goes deeper than running for Congress.

Yan truly cares about this country's well-being, he loves its people, and wants to make a better future for its people. He was in the US Army for 27 years; Yan wants to serve the people of America in Congress to deliver a stronger nation for all future generations of Americans. Please vote for Yan Xiong in the 2022 Democratic Primary in NY-10 on August 23, 2022.

Ashwin Prabaharan
Yan Xiong for Congress NY-10
Ashwin Prabaharan