99 Innovations to Launch Robotic Soft Serve Vending Concept "99 Spoons"

99 Innovations LLC plans to operate, re-sell and license its exclusive robotic soft serve vending technology directly to business owners, food-service companies and established vending industry operators.

99 Innovations to Launch Robotic Soft Serve Vending Concept "99 Spoons"
San Diego, CA, September 01, 2022 --(PR.com)-- 99 Innovations LLC recently shared details on its anticipated robotic soft serve vending kiosk launch, branded “99 Spoons.” The multi-tiered model allows established vending industry operators, food service companies and business owners direct access to exclusive robotic soft serve equipment via a variety of tailored finance packages. The company also plans on building its own operation throughout Southern California, with its first installations planned for November, 2022.

The new, compact and exclusive robotic kiosk serves a variety of delicious options including dairy free, gluten free, kosher and plant-based soft serve, ice cream, frozen yogurt and acai. The kiosk also offers customers a choice of three hard toppings such as Oreo’s, sprinkles, M&M’s to name a few, as well as a range of healthy toppings such as goji berries, hemp seeds, chia seeds and coconut flakes. Hot chocolate, caramel and strawberry sauces are offered in addition allowing customers to create their own sundaes.

The 99 Spoons branded kiosks will be cashless, accepting credit and debit cards. Google, Apple and Samsung pay, with plans to create a loyalty payment app by the end of Q1, 2023.

A summary of each program 99 Innovations LLC will be offering is as follows:

Established Vending Industry Partnerships

The automated, robotic soft serve kiosks will be available for purchase to established industry operators. Included will be a comprehensive resource guide on how to secure locations featuring phone scripts, PDF proposals, category criteria suggestions, legal contract templates, and direct access to reliable, third-party industry location procurement professionals if needed. Warehousing, delivery, installation, and training comes with the sale of each kiosk and all operators will have access to a resource center where they can find both technical and operational videos as well as best practices from other operators in the network. Operators will have the choice of two different graphics kits. A kid-friendly, family fun graphic for locations such as amusement parks and tourist attractions, and a contemporary graphic for corporate locations.

Branded Vending Kiosks for Business Owners and Food Service Companies.

For business owners looking to offer patrons a treat on premise, 99 Innovations has created a program that allows tailored equipment leasing options, graphic kit options so kiosks can be branded with the businesses colors and logo, and access to all the necessary consumable supplies i.e. cups, spoons, soft serve and toppings. This program will allow business owners to keep 100% of the profits generated from every sale made minus a monthly software fee. In fact, owners with solid credit scores can break even on the cost to lease a kiosk if they sell an estimated four to five cups of soft serve each day, based on a 5-year lease at an interest rate of 5.95%. Anything above this would be deemed profit making this proposition very attractive as it both improves the customer experience and adds a new profit center to each business giving owners a competitive advantage in their respective marketplace.

Small businesses can also take advantage of the recently introduced tax rule Section 179 which allows businesses to deduct the full amount of the purchase price of equipment (up to certain limits), making this a fantastic incentive for businesses to purchase, finance or lease equipment such at the 99 Spoons kiosk this year.

Corporate Owned Route

99 Innovations will be installing its first 99 Spoons kiosks in an assortment of specially selected locations throughout Southern California in October of this year. With a goal to build this corporate owned route throughout North America, the 99 Innovations group will be focused on securing partnerships with national food service organizations, grocery chains, sporting stadiums, large corporate and commercial office environments, health care groups, tourist attractions and family fun, amusements centers to name a few categories which the kiosks will be placed.

The 99 Spoons robotic soft serve vending kiosks are self-contained, no plumbing is required. Touch screen ordering makes the kiosk completely contactless. Remote cloud-based monitoring allows the company to track sales and technical data. Each kiosk features a 32-inch touch screen which has a capability for on screen streaming advertisements and promotions. Finally, the kiosks take up a mere 10 square feet, making the footprint small enough to be installed almost anywhere within each location.

To learn more about the 99 Spoons program, mission and technology, please visit www.99spoons.com.

About 99 Innovations LLC.

99 Innovations was founded on the idea of bringing innovative, automated, robotic kiosk products to market, eliminating the impact of high labor costs for retail business owners. The company is focused on staying ahead of the automation curve by being first to market with the most sought-after technology, innovative concepts, and opportunities for the market itself to get involved. The company believes automation needs to be more affordable, smaller in footprint and simple to maintain, and keeps a strong focus on offering food and beverage consumables with the highest possible margin that result in consumer friendly pricing.
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