Dallas Native Scores Big in Texas Cannabis

Dallas Native Scores Big in Texas Cannabis
Fort Worth, TX, October 21, 2022 --(PR.com)-- As a Lacrosse goalie for Notre Dame, Dallas native Colt Power had no idea that his life after college athletics would land him in the midst of operating an indoor cannabis farm; but that’s just what happened.

It would be after years of enduring the effects of competition that Power would finally heed the advice given by his wife, Reagan, an ICU nurse at nationally-recognized Parkland Hospital in Dallas. She had been watching Power do his best to deal with post-collegiate athletic injuries while also trying to manage with traditionally prescribed options.

Options that had left him feeling unable to be fully connected with his growing family.

That was when she had suggested he try CBD, a plant-made solution with anti-inflammatory properties.

When Power experienced positive results with CBD, he dove into the “how” and “why” of the plant family and its effectiveness. He tried various brands available on the market, only to find inconsistencies in production, sourcing and results. Power would quickly learn that the rapidly-evolving segment of High CBD Cannabis (also known as Hemp) was missing some consistency and quality he looked for as a consumer.

That was when Power took the initiative to get his own cultivator license and began planting.

Starting with just a few plants in a tent setup, the challenges became apparent quickly. Not just for growing optimal cannabinoid compounds (the effective ingredients that are the basis of the product), but also with production. It would be in meeting seasoned grower Nick Williams that the right pieces would fall together, and Power Biopharms was born.

“I never thought I’d be a Cannabis farmer, but here I am, doing just that,” laughs Power. “Now, I can’t imagine not doing this.”

With one thousand perfectly-timed plants, Power Biopharms is a continuous indoor grow, harvesting high-quality, high-CBD Cannabis flower every two weeks. Fully vertically integrated, the farm is climate controlled every step of the way.

“This plant family is simultaneously the easiest and the toughest to grow,” explains Power. “These ladies require quality care, managed temperatures and the best nutrients we can provide. This is especially true under the Texas sun, which can ruin or delay a harvest if done outside, or in a greenhouse, with these temperature swings we often experience.”

In Cannabis, female plants grow the flowers that are rich with the Cannabinoid compounds used in consumer goods throughout the United States. These compounds can be harmed, or degraded severely, by extreme temperatures in the growth and drying processes, which is why indoor was the way-to-go for Power.

“Indoor, vertical farming has its own challenges. That’s definitely true,” explains Power. “But, I also have found that putting the time and effort in, creating this ideal environment, is exactly how to get the best results that people look for.”

At Power Biopharms, mother plants are propagated and the snippets (“clones”) become new plants - each with their own harvest of flowers arriving just weeks later. This process allows for consistency with the harvest, yielding quality results each and every time.

“This industry is evolving at a rapid pace and states are changing what they allow with every voting cycle,” states Power. “It’s important that we’re able to keep up with these evolutions and cycles, while not compromising the quality of our end product at the same time. By setting up the farm for success from the beginning, we have been able to build something that can keep being built upon going forward.”

And that building is exactly what is taking place.

Power Biopharms, in short order, has grown in a highly competitive and regulated industry to measurable success. Not only with direct-to-consumer sales through their website, but also in wholesale and white labeling options, too. Products made by Power Biopharms can be ordered online but are also found in several shops and dispensaries throughout Texas.

Another avenue that Power Biopharms is finding upward trajectory in is being a provider for white label clients - those who are looking to build their own Cannabis brand.

“White labeling is very popular,” says Power. “Many people, who want to have a quality CBD or Cannabis brand of their own, find partnering with a grower and extractor like us is just what they need to get off the ground. We love being a trusted cultivator. It means a lot to us that others want their name on what we grow and extract, here.”

Throughout this experience, Power has found that balancing the many hats required to make it in Cannabis is not unlike having to manage a field of players headed straight for you. It is in the ability to stay aware and present - while gauging the rapid influx of opponents - that success within a startup is found.
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