DistillerSR Launches New CuratorCR Capabilities to More Dynamically Manage and Reuse Evidence-Based Research

CuratorCR Knowledge Center Provides Alternative to Elsevier’s QUOSA Virtual Library as Its Sunset Date Looms.

Ottawa, Canada, October 31, 2022 --(PR.com)-- DistillerSR® Inc., the market leader in AI-enabled literature review automation software and creator of DistillerSR™, today launched new capabilities for its CuratorCR™ module. Integrated seamlessly with DistillerSR, CuratorCR is a knowledge center platform that centrally and dynamically manages evidence-based research, enabling users to continuously collect, share, update and reuse literature review metadata across their organizations.

For medical device manufacturers, CuratorCR enables timely, high-quality regulatory submissions and responses to notifying bodies, eliminating duplicate work within different product groups. Private and public sector research consortia, meanwhile, can share data securely across different projects. Lastly, research organizations of all sizes can remove data silos with a central point for knowledge sharing and reuse of collected data for their employees across regulatory, marketing, sales, clinical development, product, and engineering roles.

“QUOSA’s sunsetting in the first half of 2023 has created a need for another more advanced platform,” said Peter O’Blenis, CEO, DistillerSR Inc. “We have been working with customers to fine-tune CuratorCR to not only meet the core functionality of QUOSA use cases, but also to extend core capabilities to improve overall productivity and lower research costs. The combination of DistillerSR and CuratorCR allows our customers to establish a living and breathing single source of truth for all their literature review data.”

CuratorCR improves research productivity by instantly identifying anyone in an organization who has reviewed a reference and indicating whether its full text has been procured, thereby significantly reducing reference subscription costs and duplicate analysis. CuratorCR’s integration with DistillerSR also allows users to dynamically populate forms and tables from previously collected data for any given reference, including extracted metadata, attached full texts, projects, reviewers and timestamps for audit purposes. As a result, research teams significantly reduce reference screening and data extraction times by using their colleagues’ previously collected data in a trusted, secure web-based platform.

Literature reviews are the cornerstone of evidence-based research, but their production has traditionally been highly manual, time consuming and error prone. The DistillerSR platform and module ecosystem enable our customers to securely automate the management and analysis of evidence-based research — faster, more accurately and more transparently at scale.

Today, more than 300 of the world’s leading research organizations, including more than 60 percent of the largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies, trust DistillerSR to securely produce transparent, audit-ready and regulatory compliant literature reviews. With more organizations using DistillerSR to automate their literature reviews, healthcare researchers can make more informed and time-sensitive health policy decisions, clinical practice guidelines and regulatory submissions, and deliver better overall research.

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