Flight Time TV
Flight Time TV

Flight Time TV Brings Flight Status Information to Hotels

Flight Time TV allows to broadcast the departures of the neighboring Airport(s) onto the Guest TV Network in Real-Time.

Flight Time TV Brings Flight Status Information to Hotels
State College, PA, May 30, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Flight Time TV (FTTV), an independent supplier of flight information, releases a stand-alone flight monitoring system suited to broadcast in Real-Time onto the Guest TV Network of a Hotel. FTTV collects the data from all airports over the world, big or small, from international to regional. The intuitive application rotates only through the departures of the neighboring airport and can also be set to display on stand-alone Wall Screens in the Lobby or integrated in HTML based messaging boards.

This spring American Airlines, the nation’s largest airline, topped the headlines for grounding 3,300 flights. March 2008 hit an all-time low with nearly 30% of the domestic flights being late or cancelled. Travelers’ frustration is reaching an all-time high but unfortunately, experts forecast that it will only get worse.

The core business of the Hotel Industry is to make a guest’s stay as pleasant as possible and in the case of air travelers, ease a little bit of the pain. The Hotel Industry has become really good at this and nearly all of them have now a core set of amenities to ensure the Guests satisfaction.

So what if the Hotel Industry can inform the Guest before hand of a flight delay or cancellation? Well, besides the fact that the Guest will be very happy to have saved an early drive to the airport, he will stay longer at the Hotel and take an extra lunch or dinner. If the Hotel is also a casino he will spend more time at the slots. And when his flight is canceled, chances are that he will rent another night in the Hotel he was staying. After all, everything is better then spending countless hours at the airport waiting for the flight to leave.

“Flight Time TV was developed to meet the demand for new, innovative and highly desired guest amenities. The concept of displaying flight information in the Guest rooms is new, but definitely makes sense when your life-line is travelers,” said Ron Koning, CEO of Flight Time TV and continues, “Everybody wins”.

Flight Time TV is an easily installed Plug-and-Play system that requires no regular maintenance. It receives its updates in Real-Time over the internet and displays it directly on the screens. “If an Airport knows the new data, we know it and if we know it, it is displayed on the Guest TV Network. There is no human interference, everything is automatically updated”, states Koning, and ads, “All you need is a free TV-Channel and the costs are less than what an average Hotel charges for a room”.

“Flight Time TV should be a standard amenity for hotels… wake up, walk to get a cup of coffee & plan for the dreaded trip to the airport by quickly glancing instead of being put on hold or pressing series of buttons over the phone. By putting that delay off in the comfort of a guest room; it takes just a bit of the stress off of our guests for the journey home or to their next destination. I find I miss it when I travel and stay with other hotels, concludes Ronnie Anderson, Director of Catering & Events of the Westin Casuarina / Casino & Spa in Las Vegas.

"The Umstead Hotel & Spa is pleased to offer this unique service as yet another enhancement for our guests. Being within 6 minutes of the airport, our guests appreciate knowing of flight delays, preferring to enjoy the artwork in our lobbies, a cocktail on the terrace overlooking the lake or even a spa treatment, as opposed to waiting in an airport lounge. We are able to offer
Flight Time service in all of our guest rooms on the 42" High Definition plasma televisions. We also offer a monitor display in the reception area of our conference center and in the Lobby Bar during our morning coffee service”.

Nik Bhola, Director of Rooms of The Umstead Hotel and Spa (5 Diamond), continues with, “It really is a valued tool for the traveler to know in real time the status of their departing flight, before they depart for the airport. If there are challenges, our Concierge is immediately available to assist with alternative arrangements."

“Flight Time TV is an added benefit for today’s travelers to stay in touch with the airport schedule.” Said David Gross, Rooms Division Grand Hyatt Atlanta. “Today’s travelers appreciate knowing the flight information as soon as it is available.”

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