Patrice M. Kelly, JD, Joins the National Drug & Alcohol Screening Association as Executive Senior Policy Advisor

Patrice M. Kelly, JD, Joins the National Drug & Alcohol Screening Association as Executive Senior Policy Advisor
Washington, DC, February 22, 2023 --( The National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association (NDASA), the Nation’s leading non-profit trade association representing the drug and alcohol testing industry, has announced that Patrice M. Kelly, JD, will be joining the association as Executive Senior Policy Advisor, effective April 3, 2023. Recognized as the US Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) policy and technical drug and alcohol program expert, Ms. Kelly will remain an employee of the USDOT while on assignment with NDASA. Her assignment will benefit the USDOT, NDASA and the nation's drug and alcohol testing industry.

A graduate of Boston College, Ms. Kelly received her Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University Law Center. Prior to graduating law school, Ms. Kelly worked in all three branches of the Nation’s Federal Government: the Supreme Court of the United States; the United States Department of State; and for the late U.S. Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy. Her experience in the private sector includes practicing law in Washington, DC, and working on Wall Street.

In 2020, Ms. Kelly received NDASA’s Industry Leadership Award, as well as the Secretary’s Partnering for Excellence Award at the USDOT. She is recognized domestically and internationally as a leading expert in the areas of Federal drug and alcohol testing law, policy, and compliance. Ms. Kelly has the distinction of being the longest serving Director of the Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance (ODAPC) at the USDOT. She has worked on the USDOT’s drug and alcohol regulations since the 1990s, participating in rulemaking teams and often being the primary point of contact on multiple rulemakings and policies. Prior to joining ODAPC in 2007, Ms. Kelly served as leadership in the FAA’s Drug Abatement Division, and before that, she was the FAA enforcement attorney who initiated FAA’s first civil penalty actions under the drug testing program, and she issued the first revocation of an air carrier’s certificate for failing to comply with federally mandated drug and alcohol testing. Since joining ODAPC, as part of the staff of the Secretary of Transportation, Ms. Kelly has focused on enhancing working relationships and open lines of communication between the drug and alcohol testing industry and the USDOT, in an effort to increase mutual understanding and achieve greater compliance with the USDOT’s drug and alcohol testing laws.

NDASA Chairman James A. Greer stated, “With Patrice Kelly joining our executive management team, our association’s ability to represent the issues that are important to our members and to advocate for an employer’s right to a drug free workplace, while promoting good public policy, has increased significantly. Her expertise regarding Federal drug and alcohol testing is unequaled.”

As the Senior Policy Executive Advisor, Ms. Kelly will contribute to the development of the association’s strategic plan, advise the Chairman and Board of Directors on vital safety matters, and work with the association’s Executive Director in serving our members, partners, and the drug and alcohol testing industry.

NDASA Executive Director Jo McGuire added, “This unique partnership will allow our association to collaboratively contribute to improving standards of excellence for those serving the needs of U.S. employers in meeting their safety goals through employee drug and alcohol testing programs. Patrice will be an invaluable asset with the insight, experience, and wisdom she brings to our association.”

For more information regarding Patrice Kelly’s new role as Senior Policy Executive Advisor or more information on NDASA, please contact or call 888-316-3272.
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