Texas Nuclear Caucus Aims to Position Texas as the Leader in Nuclear Technology

Austin, TX, April 12, 2023 --(PR.com)-- Seven Texas legislators today announced the establishment of the Texas Nuclear Caucus, a coalition of lawmakers focused on the full value chain of the nuclear industry, from energy and technology to medicine and waste, and positioning Texas as the leader in all aspects of the peaceful and productive uses of nuclear technology.

Upon forming, the Caucus held its first meeting and elected officers:

Chair – Rep. Ryan Guillen
Vice Chair – Rep. Cody Harris
Secretary – Rep. Steve Toth
Treasurer – Rep. Cody Vasut

“Texas has long been heralded as the Energy Capital of the World, a testament to the hard work, innovation and ingenuity of the Lone Star State. While we are proud of our global leadership in oil and gas, wind, and solar power, one sector is notably missing from Texas’ energy dominance -- nuclear power. That is why we’re officially announcing the formation of the Texas Nuclear Caucus. With this new organization, we aim to establish Texas as a global leader in the nuclear industry, creating jobs, driving economic growth and building a stronger, more sustainable future,” said Texas State Representative Ryan Guillen, Chairman of the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee and the inaugural Chair of the Texas Nuclear Caucus.

The Caucus also made public their prioritization of several bills, including:

HB 3836 - grants the PUC and TCEQ authority to petition for the power to permit in the Lone Star State.
HB 4003 - charges the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to identify regulatory changes and potential incentives to drive new nuclear generation.
HB 4004 - guarantees that nuclear generators in Texas receive credits should the state move to a Performance Credit Mechanism, currently being contemplated by PUC.
HB 4047 - charges the Texas Commission on Environment Quality (TCEQ) to identify ways for the state to support the vast uranium deposits found within our borders.
HB 4284 - aims to establish an incentive program for the use of small modular reactors as on-site cogeneration.

The Texas Nuclear Caucus aims to promote the nuclear industry in Texas by means of legislative efforts and educational resources. Their objective is to raise awareness about nuclear power's advantages, such as its safety, reliability, and cleanliness, as well as its various applications in fields such as medicine, space exploration, and food security. They also highlight the industry's potential to create jobs and boost economic growth.

The Texas Nuclear Caucus collaborates closely with industry partners and regulators to advance research and development efforts and other initiatives that will help elevate the nuclear industry in Texas. They work together and advocate for policies that support the growth and development of the nuclear industry, believing that such efforts will lead to a brighter future for Texas and the country.

“In recent years, the nuclear industry has experienced a renaissance, with advances in nuclear technology and safety. With a focus on energy abundance, safety, sustainability, and economic growth, the Caucus is poised to help position Texas as the next global leader in nuclear technology, helping to build a brighter future for Texas and the world. We envision a Texas that is the leader in all aspects of the peaceful and productive uses of nuclear technology, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this ambitious and important initiative,” Guillen continued.

Inaugural Texas Nuclear Caucus Members include:

Rep. Ryan Guillen
Rep. Cody Harris
Rep. Cody Vasut
Rep. Steve Toth
Rep. Reggie Smith
Rep. David Spiller
Rep. Stan Gerdes
Texas Nuclear Caucus
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