Power BI Connector for Jira Now Offers Atlassian Data Residency Support

Alpha Serve has introduced a key upgrade to its Power BI Connector for Jira, the Atlassian Data Residency Support, enhancing data security and regulatory compliance for its customers.

Power BI Connector for Jira Now Offers Atlassian Data Residency Support
Kyiv, Ukraine, July 18, 2023 --(PR.com)-- Alpha Serve, an Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner and leading provider of BI Connectors for Jira, is excited to announce a critical upgrade to its top-rated Power BI Connector for Jira. In a commitment to heightened security and customer-centric solutions, Alpha Serve now introduces Atlassian Data Residency Support, a new feature that empowers customers to designate their Jira data used within Power BI Connector for Jira to specific geographic regions: United States, European Union (Dublin), Australia (Sydney), Germany (Frankfurt), and Singapore.

As businesses continue to shift their crucial operations to the cloud, it is essential to put first addressing the evolving safety and compliance demands. Alpha Serve is committed to providing solid and timely solutions that meet its customers' current and future needs and is leading the way in tackling this challenge.

"We're eager to fortify our commitment to customers by offering regional hosting options for our highly-rated Power BI Connector for Jira app. The upgrade targets the specific needs of our customers in the United States, European Union, Germany, Australia and Singapore regions," stated Anton Storozhuk, CEO of Alpha Serve.

By providing customized regional hosting options, businesses worldwide have better control over the location of their Jira data hosting. It enhances data protection and ensures compliance with relevant regional regulations. These enhancements address the increasing need for adaptable data residency. Alpha Serve's commitment to providing protected, authorized, and user-friendly solutions is reflected in its unwavering dedication.

"We understand the significant implications of data residency for our customers' business operations. This upgrade empowers them to determine where their data resides, aligning with their unique compliance, policy, and operational requirements," shared Anna Odrynska, Chief Strategy Officer at Alpha Serve.

Alpha Serve strives to facilitate seamless implementation of Atlassian's Data Residency support into your Power BI Connector for Jira. For new customers, the Power BI Connector handles data storage and processing automatically in the designated region upon installation. Existing customers can submit a support request to migrate to a different region, guided by our dedicated support team.

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Alpha Serve is a trusted software development company from Ukraine, known for creating top-notch connectors for business software that offer security, scalability, and usability. As an Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner, Alpha Serve consistently displays its commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation through its diverse product offerings, including the top-rated Power BI Connector for Jira.
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