Nova USA Wood’s ExoClad® QuickClip® Hidden Siding Fasteners Named Preferred Rainscreen Siding Fastening System by Hewn

Nova USA Wood’s ExoClad® QuickClip® Hidden Siding Fasteners Named Preferred Rainscreen Siding Fastening System by Hewn
Hamilton, OR, September 14, 2023 --( Hewn, a leading manufacturer of boutique, prefinished wood products, has named Nova’s ExoClad® QuickClip® as the preferred Rainscreen siding fastening system for their Accoya® and Western Red Cedar siding products. Nova’s ExoClad QuickClips were specifically designed and patented to respond to the natural expansion and contraction of wood siding as a result of changes in humidity and moisture. Additionally, Nova’s ExoClad QuickClips provide a 3/4” air-gap behind the siding, which provides better moisture-management and insulation.

“We firmly believe that Nova’s ExoClad QuickClips are the best hidden fastening system for Rainscreen siding in today’s marketplace,” said Tommy Leisman, Hewn’s vice president of manufacturing. “Many of our customers own multimillion dollar luxury homes, chalets or large commercial complexes. They will not settle for anything less than perfection.

“Nova’s ExoClad QuickClips have proven their ability to firmly secure our Rainscreen siding in place, while looking great year-round. Everyone that’s used the system has loved it. And that’s why we believe the sale of our two product lines bundled together will grow exponentially over the next few years.”

“Hewn is a very well-respected company and valued partner that has recommended our ExoClad QuickClips to many of their Rainscreen customers,” added Keaton Smith, Nova’s wood systems product manager. ”Our Rainscreen clips work equally well with all types of wood, including Hewn’s Rainscreen offerings. Our rainscreen clips are the perfect choice for any project regardless of the geographic locale, temperature or weather type.”

The ideal complement to today’s Rainscreen siding, Nova’s ExoClad QuickClips were introduced after years of testing to respond to the natural swelling and shrinkage of wood siding. When wood’s moisture content increases, the clips can expand with the boards ensuring none of the boards buckle or break the clips. When the moisture content lowers during drier seasons, the hidden fastener system’s resilient design automatically moves with the boards back into place, centered perfectly, and securely fastened to the structure.

Sold by Hewn, Accoya was designed with the enhanced strength and dimensional stability needed for wide-ranging applications. In the acetylation process, the softwood is essentially turned into a hardwood that is durable all the way through the board, not just on the surface. In practice, this allows for a wood product that is significantly protected against the elements, making it perfect for installation in exterior environments where a standard sealed wood product would fail after only a short amount of time.

In addition, Western Red Cedar has been used to build homes, ships and numerous other structures that date back to ancient times. Hewn’s Western Red Cedar is sourced exclusively from regions around the Pacific Northwest, where cedar has long been trusted for its stability against the elements and its protection against mold and mildew.

For more ExoClad Rainscreen QuickClip information please visit or call 503-419-6407. Nova USA’s ExoClad Rainscreen QuickClips are also available through the Nova website or through the company’s national network of leading distributors.

Additional details on Hewn’s Accoya and Western Red Cedar Rainscreen siding products can be found at visit or retrieved by calling503-612-0241.

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Launched in 2005, Nova is dedicated to the supply of superior, high-quality hardwood products and accessories available at the most competitive prices in today’s marketplace. This includes the company’s Real Wood Solutions like its proprietary line of ExoShield Wood Stain, ExoDek® QuickClip® hidden fasteners, ExoClad® QuickClip™ Rainscreen Siding Clips and premium tropical hardwood decking and siding products.

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