Alpha Serve is Now Bronze Marketplace Partner

Alpha Serve, a leading software development team based in Ukraine, is proud to announce its new status as a Bronze App Marketplace Partner with

Alpha Serve is Now Bronze Marketplace Partner
Kyiv, Ukraine, October 23, 2023 --( Alpha Serve proudly announces a significant development in collaboration with the ecosystem, their recognition as a Bronze Marketplace Partner. This status spotlights the Alpha Serve's products offer exceptional features to enhance reporting across diverse business functions and outstanding services to valued clients and the broader community.

As part of partnership with, Alpha Serve has introduced groundbreaking solutions such as the Power BI Connector for and Tableau Connector for, empowering businesses to harness data and optimize project management. These innovative tools have garnered significant success in the App Marketplace, enabling enterprises to easily maximize workflow and team management. The commitment to delivering top-quality connectors that seamlessly integrate with the platform is unwavering.

As a Bronze App Marketplace Partner, Alpha Serve joins a group of trusted providers acknowledged for their expertise and unwavering dedication to excellence. Alpha Serve's achieved Bronze Partner status in the App Marketplace was made possible by meeting the following criteria:

1. Monetized App: Alpha Serve’s apps are monetized within the App Marketplace.

2. Customer Service Level Agreement (SLA): Alpha Serve maintains a customer service response time of less than 48 hours, ensuring prompt support for users.

3. Minimum Marketplace Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR): Alpha Serve has achieved a minimum annual recurring revenue (ARR) of $5,000 from native monetization on the platform.

"We are proud to have achieved Bronze Partner status within the esteemed App Marketplace, where ongoing quarterly evaluations will ensure our continued compliance with all requirements. This partnership offers Alpha Serve increased visibility in the App Marketplace, collaboration opportunities, access to advanced tools, and recognition, fostering continued eminence in delivering high-quality solutions," expressed Anton Storozhuk, CEO of Alpha Serve.

Alpha Serve is a leading provider of advanced connectors and enterprise-grade apps for Jira, Confluence, and other Atlassian Marketplace tools, as well as for platforms like Shopify, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and Alpha Seve's solutions are characterized by proven scalability, high performance, and top-level data security.
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