Online Real Estate Website Takes the Pain Out of Property Listing provides a ‘paperless’ listing transaction platform. Now property sellers can list their properties in the MLS and leading search engines and real estate websites without the paperwork hassles (for thousands of dollars less).

Online Real Estate Website Takes the Pain Out of Property Listing
Richmond, VA, June 17, 2008 --( Ask online real estate sellers what they like least about the listing process and you’ll usually hear, ‘the paperwork’. For all its promise of providing an expedient solution to the onerous task of completing the myriad listing agreements , addenda, property data input and disclosures forms required to list a property for sale in the MLS, Internet real estate companies have been slow to provide consumers with a truly ‘online experience’.

The online ‘flat fee MLS’ model, whereby home sellers can purchase a listing for their properties in the MLS without being required to purchase all of the other services traditionally provided by a real estate broker, has continued to grow at a phenomenal pace. Virtually non-existent as recently as 2002, MLS entry only brokerages had captured nearly 10% of the market by 2006 according to the National Association of Realtors®. Spurred by the growth of the Internet, universally ‘connected’ consumers, and a declining real estate market in which property sellers are desperately seeking alternatives to paying traditional commission rates, online limited service brokerages have become a force to be reckoned with in the real estate marketplace.

As a leader in the field, Bloomkey has recently developed a proprietary online listing process platform that allows its customers to simply complete one easy to use online form and have all of their property listing forms generated electronically in Adobe® PDF format. Now, in selected markets, home sellers who list their properties with Bloomkey can complete the entire home for sale listing process online in just a few minutes from the convenience of their personal computers. The Bloomkey ‘paperless’ listing process takes the pain out of listing a property for sale, speeding up the listing process and helping to get properties to market more quickly (and for a savings of thousands of dollars).

Why Bloomkey?
Founded in March 2006 by Internet real estate pioneer, Lawrence Bunnell, co-founder and creator of (circa 1998), the very first nationally licensed online real estate company, Bloomkey provides online real estate brokerage services to home buyers and sellers. Unlike other ‘so-called’ online real estate companies, Bloomkey is a true Internet company providing real estate brokerage services throughout the United States and Ontario, Canada from a centralized office location in Richmond, Virginia. Bloomkey has transformed the real estate transaction, making the process more cost-efficient and effective by utilizing new technologies, eliminating the need for large cadres of agents and multiple ‘bricks and mortar’ locations. Everything from listing the property for sale, marketing the property online and in the MLS, communicating with potential buyers, arranging showings of the property, prequalifying buyers and more can be done from the convenience of’s website.’s online marketing tools for home sellers include online property valuation, property webpages with unique URL, (created automatically as the user inputs their MLS property data online), automated creation and printing of property flyers, podcasts and virtual tours, printable property flyers in PDF format, automated satellite mapping of properties and Google® Street View, Bloomkey’s exclusive ‘Ask the Owner’™ featurette, and RSS/XML feeds, and more. Bloomkey currently offers home buyers in selected markets an exclusive ‘flat fee’ home buying service with rebates of over 2% of their property’s sales price.

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