Concord Servicing Asks Resorts to Take the Blackwell Challenge

Concord Servicing Asks Resorts to Take the Blackwell Challenge
Scottsdale, AZ, April 10, 2024 --( Have you ever wondered if your resort could be collecting a higher percentage of accounts payable? Now there’s no reason for uncertainty. “We welcome the opportunity to match the collections results achieved by our Blackwell Recovery subsidiary against your current collections’ methodology,” says Kyle Derry, COO at Concord Servicing. “Blackwell’s industry-leading practices have time and again come up on top in side-by-side contests with competitors in the market.”

For many companies, turning over late-paying accounts to Blackwell Recovery has become a no-hassle way to improve results. “Concord’s Blackwell Recovery group has been a tremendous asset to our organization over the past few years,” says Mike Smith, executive vice president, Capital Markets & Strategic Opportunities, Club Exploria. “From single-year to even multi-year delinquencies, they’ve been able to achieve outstanding results with collections. This whole process has been very efficient and has yielded substantial revenue gains for our homeowner associations.”

According to Derry, Blackwell can collect a higher percentage of outstanding payments when accounts are turned over to the group earlier, usually when they are 90 days in arrears. However, even accounts that are over a year in arrears can yield surprising results when they are worked with a professional touch. “Although many management companies and resort homeowners’ associations use third-party services to assist their own collections efforts, they often wait too long to refer late-paying accounts,” Derry says. “Blackwell’s early-placement programs will help them optimize revenues while adhering to best practices for data security and regulatory compliance.”

Concord’s solutions, including collections services by Blackwell Recovery and loan servicing, lead the way in the timeshare industry as well as multiple specialty loan markets, such as the fast-growing solar and energy efficiency markets. To learn more about how Concord can accelerate your company’s growth and boost performance or to request a meeting during the ARDA conference, contact Ericka Schwarm at

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Kyle Derry is COO of Concord Servicing