Snova's Halal Extract Wins Its Third Consecutive Gold at the Monde Selection

Snova's Halal Extract Wins Its Third Consecutive Gold at the Monde Selection
San Francisco, CA, May 15, 2024 --( Snova’s Halal Extract has won the gold award for its third consecutive year at the Monde Selection 2024.

・Snova’s Halal Extract is a skincare product manufactured in accordance with Islamic law (Halal).

In Islam, certain ingredients and manufacturing processes are prohibited, so Snova’s Halal Extract was developed to comply with these regulations.

Specifically, it avoids ingredients derived from animals, alcohol, pork-derived ingredients, and components from Haram foods*.

(*Haram refers to anything that goes against Halal and is considered forbidden to consume.)"

The Halal Extract is chosen not only by Muslims but also by those who prefer halal products.

In addition, the Halal Extract aims for effects such as moisturizing and whitening the skin, just like conventional beauty serums.

It contains ingredients adhering to halal standards and is manufactured according to halal certification in accredited facilities, providing ease to Muslim consumers.

・About Snova’s Halal Extract, winner of three consecutive awards:
It is a beauty serum formulated with two types of collagens, marine placenta, and proteoglycan, all for moisturizing, in addition to natural herbs. It leads to skin that is firm and resilient.
Manufactured in a halal-certified factory in Japan, it pays close attention to facility management and manufacturing processes.
(In accordance with religious guidelines, it can be used by Muslims after their approval.)

How to use:
After thoroughly cleansing the face, take an amount equivalent to the size of a coin and gently apply it to the entire face and neck.

After 1-2 minutes, when the skin feels taut, apply plenty of toner.

The award-winning Halal Extract is also used during treatments at the Halal Snova/ Halal Esthetic specialty store, newly opened in Setagaya, Tokyo.

All cosmetics and serums used in the esthetic treatments are halal-certified, ensuring an esthetic experience in line with Islamic principles.

Experience the extract by receiving treatments at the Halal Snova/ Halal Esthetic specialty store.

Snova building 1F
4-32-25 Kitazawa,
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo-to 155-0031

Business Hours: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Closed: Irregular holidays
Store Name: Halal Snova Halal Esthetic Specialty Store
Access: 292 meters straight from Tokyoko Station

For inquiries and consultations, please contact
Snova Co.
Miyu Oguma