Portland-Based SaaS Company Opal Labs Announced “Marketing’s New Source of Truth” at Chicago CMO Event

Software company Opal Labs is announcing that it is Marketing’s New Source of Truth, dedicated to solving a challenge that 99% of enterprise marketing organizations experience.

Portland, OR, May 23, 2024 --(PR.com)-- On Wednesday, May 15, Opal unveiled their new platform promise to solve a key problem for approximately 99% of marketing organizations (based on an independent survey from Forrester Research).

During the day-one keynote at the Transformational CMO Assembly in Chicago, Opal Co-Founder and CEO, George Huff, announced Opal as “Marketing’s New Source of Truth.”

Huff made this announcement to a room of CMOs and SVPs from Fortune 500 companies, including (team to provide brands).

This announcement positions Opal as the software that can provide value for every level of the marketing organization, while enabling alignment around one central platform. This positioning announcement is part of a holistic platform update that will introduce a first-of-its-kind product – and bring changes to the pricing and packaging of Opal.

“Our product strategy has been aimed at creating value for all users in the strategy-to-execution pipeline. There is a lot of focus on content production these days with generative AI, and we have those features, too, but what is really exciting to me is building a product which serves the needs of all layers in an organization, but brings it together in a systematized way,” said Huff.

This focus on creating a “New Source of Truth for Marketing” is a direct antidote to solving the organizational alignment challenges experienced by approximately 99% of organizations. According to a 2023 survey by Forrester, 89% of CMOs believe alignment is important to succeed, but only 1% believe they have it. A further 87% state they need better technology to solve the problem.

“The most well-run organizations still put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into being aligned. From strategy to execution, from channel to channel, from executive to executer – it’s incredibly taxing to break down these silos. We aim to reduce this ‘alignment tax’ so all organizations can create the best experiences for their audiences,” Huff said.


Opal was founded in 2013 in Portland With marketing and communications customers ranging from Starbucks to SAP, from Lego to Shane Co., the Opal platform empowers customers with a source of truth for their marketing and communications content.

Learn more at: https://workwithopal.com/

Transformational CMO Assembly

The Transformational CMO Assembly is a marketing leadership-exclusive event series hosted by Millenium Alliance. With attendance from 76% of Fortune 100 companies, the event was billed as a groundbreaking opportunity for Global Chief Marketing Officers to meet face-to-face and connect on the current trends & challenges the industry is facing.
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