Tahoe Network Infrastructure Fiber Expansion in Midwest

Tahoe Network Infrastructure Fiber Expansion in Midwest
Spokane, WA, June 03, 2024 --(PR.com)-- Tahoe Network Infrastructure, the parent company of E-Vergent, is excited to announce the expansion for the recent E-Rate win in Marion, Wisconsin, where E-Vergent will build fiber infrastructure for a local school, which exemplifies the tangible impact of this expansion. Through initiatives like E-Rate, E-Vergent remains committed to fostering educational opportunities and empowering students with access to digital resources.

E-Vergent, known for its expertise in building reliable open access fiber optic networks, will now extend its reach to serve more communities, businesses, and institutions in the region. This expansion reflects Tahoe's dedication to closing the digital divide and ensuring that all individuals have access to the
transformative power of broadband connectivity. Since acquiring E-Vergent the management team has doubled E-Vergent’s fiber miles over the last year.

"We are excited to unveil the expansion of E-Vergent's fiber optic network, advancing Tahoe's commitment to empowering communities with cutting-edge networking solutions," expressed Gregory Green, Chairman & CEO of Tahoe Network Infrastructure. Green, the original co-founder and CEO of Fatbeam, said he “took a page out of Fatbeam’s E Rate playbook which he created during his tenure there witch had great success and plans on further E-Rate expansion over the upcoming years with E- Vergent.” Green and his partner later sold Fatbeam to Basalt Infrastructure Partners LLC for a quarter billion dollars in the spring of 2023.

The planned expansion marks a significant milestone for Tahoe Network Infrastructure as it continues to lead the way in delivering reliable, high-speed connectivity to communities across the Midwest.

For more information about Tahoe Network Infrastructure and its subsidiary, E-Vergent, please visit www.tahoeni.com and www.e-vergent.com.

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