Pride Mobile App Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Overcome App Store Challenges

In an increasingly digital world, the mobile app market has become a pivotal platform for social movements and community engagement. One such app, Pride, aimed at supporting the LGBTQ+ community, has faced significant hurdles in its journey from conception to widespread adoption. Despite its noble mission, Pride has encountered challenges with App Store entry and fundraising that shed light on the broader issues facing purpose-driven apps in a commercial landscape.

Pride Mobile App Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Overcome App Store Challenges
Lake Panasoffkee, FL, July 06, 2024 --( In an increasingly digital world, mobile apps have become essential tools for fostering connections and support within communities. Pride Mobile App, a platform dedicated to connecting LGBTQIA+ businesses with the broader community, has been a beacon of inclusivity and support. However, recent challenges have led to the app losing access to both major app stores due to insufficient funds for necessary updates. In response, a crowdfunding campaign on Fundly has been launched to secure the resources needed to bring Pride Mobile back to life.

The Mission of Pride Mobile App

Pride Mobile App was created with a clear vision: to provide a platform where LGBTQIA+ businesses can connect with their community. The app offers features such as:

- Business Listings: A comprehensive directory of LGBTQIA+ owned and friendly businesses.
- Event Listings: Information about local and national events supporting the LGBTQIA+ community.
- Resources: Access to mental health support, educational materials, and advocacy information.

By creating a centralized hub, Pride Mobile aims to foster economic empowerment, community engagement, and mutual support within the LGBTQIA+ community.

App Store Challenges

Despite the app’s positive impact, maintaining its presence on major app stores has been challenging. Both Google Play and Apple’s App Store have strict guidelines and regular update requirements to ensure security and functionality. Unfortunately, due to a lack of funds, Pride Mobile has been unable to implement the necessary updates, leading to its removal from these platforms.

Financial Hurdles

Maintaining and updating a mobile app requires consistent financial investment. Development costs, security updates, content moderation, and compliance with app store guidelines all necessitate funding. For a niche app like Pride Mobile, securing traditional funding sources has been particularly challenging. Investors often favor high-return ventures with broad market appeal, making it difficult for mission-driven projects to attract the necessary financial support.

Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign on Fundly

In response to these challenges, the community has been called upon for support. A crowdfunding campaign on Fundly has been launched, aiming to raise the funds needed to update and relaunch Pride Mobile on both app stores. The campaign can be found at [Fundly: Pride Mobile App](

Why Fundly?

Crowdfunding platforms like Fundly allow direct engagement with the community that benefits from the app. By appealing to individuals who believe in the mission, the necessary funds can be raised while also building a stronger, more engaged user base.

How to Help

Supporters, allies, and the broader community are called upon to help reach the fundraising goal. Contributions can be made through:

- Donations: Every contribution, no matter how small, brings the goal closer.
- Sharing: Spreading the word about the campaign on social media, with friends and family, and within networks.
- Engagement: Participating in community forums, attending virtual events, and staying connected with the app.

The Impact of Support

Supporting the Fundly campaign will help to:

- Reinstate Pride Mobile: Ensure the app is updated and complies with app store guidelines, making it available once again on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.
- Support LGBTQIA+ Businesses: Provide a platform for businesses to reach their community and thrive.
-Foster Community Connection: Maintain a safe and inclusive space for users to connect, share, and support one another.


The journey of Pride Mobile App has been filled with both triumphs and challenges. While losing access to major app stores has been a significant setback, the commitment to connecting LGBTQIA+ businesses with their community remains steadfast. With support through the Fundly campaign, these challenges can be overcome, ensuring that Pride Mobile App not only survives but thrives, fostering connection, support, and empowerment for years to come.
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Jonathon Pritchard