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Grimes Trucking Goes "Green"

Grimes Trucking Goes "Green"
Jacksonville, FL, June 30, 2008 --( With a foundation of three specific emission-saving directives, plus recycling and conservation activities company-wide, Grimes Trucking Company has taken on the challenge of going “green.” Grimes Trucking, a division of Jacksonville based The Grimes Companies, has announced formation of a “Green Committee” to seek and implement other green initiatives company-wide.

“We are determined to be the leader when it comes to being good stewards of our environment and natural resources,” announced Michael O’Leary, President of The Grimes Companies. “Trucking may seem like a tough place to find ‘green’ opportunities, but there are some very specific moves we can make…and we have.”

The first three steps in this “Go Green” program are:

Shortened unloading times, reducing emissions as trucks run less.

Stimulation of return load options, cutting down on wasted fuel from empty load runs. This effectively lowers the greenhouse emission per freight ton.

Loading/unloading appointments in overnight hours, thus avoiding congested times reducing run times and reducing emissions.

These directives have been issued to all company drivers and transport services personnel and owner-operators.

“We believe we have the opportunity to help conserve our important natural resources as well as enhance The Grimes Companies’ position as a good corporate citizen,” O’Leary added. “Our green initiative sets the pace for us and others in our industry for years to come.”

The Grimes Companies, through its subsidiaries, operates both public and contract warehouses in Florida and Maryland, as well as providing transportation and packaging services to its clients. FileSafe, Inc., another subsidiary, offers document storage services to Northeast Florida businesses.

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