Highly Profitable Eco-Forestry Out-Performs More Traditional Investments, Returning 30% Last Year

Highly Profitable Eco-Forestry Out-Performs More Traditional Investments, Returning 30% Last Year
Bournemouth, United Kingdom, July 14, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Oxigen Investments offer eco-friendly investments in Teak and Agarwood which are proving to be lucrative investment vehicles for the individual investors they service.

Established 5 years ago, Oxigen has an impressive client retention rate, with 24% of clients re-investing. And that client base is growing fast as investors learn of this innovative approach to foresty-based investment, previously the privilege of large funds and those with specialist knowledge and contacts.

Thanks to Oxigen Investments, individual investors can now have a slice of the pie, provided they have the required funds (investments from £10k). Then sit back and wait, as the trees are planted and managed by an appointed forestry management company on your behalf.

Last year, tropical hardwoods returned 30%, outperforming more traditional forms of investment. Oxigen's calculations based on conservative figures expects an investment of £10,000 to provide a net return of £47,880 within 6 years. This low-level entry point opens the market significantly, but investments of much higher figures can be easily accomodated and managed.


They grow teak at Oxigen plantations using the latest scientifically proven cultivation methods including growing from tissue culture as opposed to seed. This process significantly shortens the growing cycle from 25 to 16 years and consequently provides quicker returns.


Owning trees has traditionally been a great investment that has consistently out stripped all other commodities for the past century. The only down side to owning trees has been the 16/18 years that we must wait before they can be harvested. Unlike teak, agarwood has the advantage of being ready to harvest after only 6 years, which means they can get 3 harvests of agarwood to one harvest of teak.

SIPP (Self-Invested Pension Plan)

If you would like to invest with Oxigen as part of a SIPP then there is financial advice on hand to explain this and assist in the process of setting this up for you. If you are unsure about this then they recommend that you contact your financial adviser for advice.

Should you require access to your invested funds, there is a good chance you will be able to sell on your investment, as it will be nearer maturity than new investments, and therefore more desirable to prospective investors.

To learn about the opportunities on offer and to find out about Oxigen, visit OxigenInvestments.com for full details.

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Oxigen Investments Brochure

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