SensiClear Acne Treatment System Offers Gentle Yet Effective Approach to Combating Adult Acne

Teens aren't the only acne sufferers. SensiClear Acne Treatment makes sense for people with adult acne, especially those with acne and sensitive skin.

SensiClear Acne Treatment System Offers Gentle Yet Effective Approach to Combating Adult Acne
Menlo Park, CA, August 05, 2008 --( SensiClear Acne Treatment System treats blemishes gently and effectively without irritating sensitive skin and that is excellent news for those who have adult acne, according to Charles Benard, Chief Marketing Officer for Mission Scientific.

"People with adult acne often have sensitive skin and the last thing they want is to make a skin problem appear worse because it has reacted to an ingredient such as benzoyl peroxide, which can cause drying, flaking and skin irritation," Benard added.

In explaining the differences between teen and adult acne Raphael Darvish, M.D., a Brentwood, CA dermatologist said that teen acne is generally a result of hormones involved with puberty. "Adult acne is much more multifactorial. Stress often can flare adult acne, as can certain foods such as dairy and coffee. Certain medical conditions can also be involved with adult acne such as polycystic ovaries."

"SensiClear is an excellent option as it incorporates a salicylic acid system that is gentle on the skin and aggressive on the acne," said Dr. Darvish. "It is not like other skin care systems in which your skin gets better initially and then just goes back to the same acne. The results last since the skin doesn’t build a resistance to the active ingredients in SensiClear."

Independent tests show that the SensiClear Acne Treatment System works faster within 72 hours compared with the leading benzoyl peroxide brand. It is over 200% more effective in eliminating ugly blackheads. It also worked faster and was 62% more effective in reducing large pimples during the first three critical days of acne care. SensiClear is over 60% more effective in overall reduction of total acne blemishes.

Anyone coping with acne blemishes wants them to go away quickly and adults are no exception. According to Dr. Darvish the mental stress of having adult acne is quite significant relative to teen acne. Adult acne can be very annoying and embarrassing since generally we don’t expect adults to have acne, while teens are expected to have acne and many of their friends generally have acne as well.

"This is the most advanced acne skincare treatment that can be purchased without a prescription," said Benard. "SensiClear is the only acne treatment system with the exclusive patent pending ingredient Retextra, giving it the ability to immediately penetrate and unclog pores, while smoothing and softening the skin’s surface."

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SensiClear Acne Treatment System consists of three easy to use products: a purifying cleanser, a balancing toner and the revolutionary blemish-free treatment lotion featuring the exclusive patent pending ingredient Retextra.

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