Avionté Announces New Integrated Dashboard for Staffing Firm Executives

Avionté partners with QlikView to give staffing firms Business Intelligence insight.

St. Paul, MN, August 12, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Avionté, a provider of staffing industry technology solutions, announced today its partnership with QlikView, the world’s fastest-growing Business Intelligence company. Powered by QlikView, the dashboard technology will provide staffing firms with BI analytics on their day-to-day business operations. With the enhanced insight, staffing executives can make faster, more intelligent business decisions and react quickly to changing markets.

The dashboard feature expands the scope of the Avionté software solution. Widening the gateway to the valuable data stored in a client’s application and making it more useable is vital in today’s difficult market. Avionté’s integration with QlikView provides its clients with a deeper business insight and the ability to watch for trends. Staffing firms can more effectively evaluate which clients, services, branches and staff are the most profitable.

“As a company, we do not want to only provide a software package that tracks data; we want to provide a system that allows our customers to Use their data,” commented John Long, CEO of Avionté. “In talking with staffing agencies across the country, I’m consistently surprised with how many business owners don’t know fundamental numbers such as the gross profit per sales person, net placements per staffing coordinator, or even the average gross profit by customer,” continued Long.

QlikView can be tailored to each management role by using Key Performance Indicators that display data that is essential to that user. In addition to querying reports of raw data, the application creates visual representations of the information; users can analyze results with simple-to-view pie charts and bar graphs. QlikView features drill-down capabilities to the transaction level with unlimited filtering potential – users see what they want, when they want, and how they want to see it.

The BI dashboard can be accessed from within the Avionté application, or from an internet browser at any location. QlikView seamlessly draws its results from data stored in the Avionté system – all of the information comes from one source and is displayed on one screen. QlikView’s easy-to-learn-and-use interface lets even the most novice user accomplish robust analytics with a few clicks and selections.

“Getting the most out of your staff is a crucial component to any business. The bottom line is that if you can’t measure your performance, you can’t improve upon it. Too many staffing companies do not have the tools necessary to accurately measure their staff’s productivity. That’s where this partnership with QlikView becomes so valuable,” remarks Long.


About Avionté
Avionté offers the staffing industry both hosted and enterprise software solutions. Created by industry experts, its solutions create simplicity and a strong user experience without sacrificing functionality. Utilizing the latest in Microsoft® technology, Avionté offers an integrated Front- and Back-Office, a full suite of Web Portals, Online Time Entry, a Business Intelligence Dashboard and Microsoft Outlook integration. www.avionte.com

About QlikView
QlikView, the flagship product of QlikTech, simplifies analysis for everyone. QlikView works the way your mind works – making associations by connecting data from many sources in a few clicks. This patented in-memory association technology brings fast results and better decision making to a wide range of customers and industries. QlikView is intuitive to learn, simple to modify and can be deployed in less than a week.

Named the world’s fastest-growing Business Intelligence software vendor by IDC, QlikTech has approximately 8,500 customers in 86 countries and more than 500 partners worldwide. QlikTech was founded in Lund, Sweden and is headquartered in Radnor, PA (USA) with direct operations throughout Europe and the Americas. QlikTech offers a fully functional, free trial of QlikView and a 30-day money-back guarantee. For more information, please visit www.qlikview.com.
Brenda Long