DeoBioSciences to Launch Crowdfunding Campaign to Fund Revolutionary Cancer Research

DeoBioSciences, Inc. (”DBS” or “DeoBioSciences”) announced today that it is preparing to launch its crowdfunding campaign titled “Develop the World’s Most Powerful Weapon Against Cancer” (the “Campaign”) to raise funding for... - July 25, 2014 - DeoBioSciences, Inc.

MoBiTec, Germany, Announces Availability of Human Herpesvirus-6 (HHV-6) Assay Kits

Human herpesvirus (HHV-) 6 has been associated with various neurological diseases, including encephalitis, meningitis, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis. MoBiTec partners with VIDIA, Czech Republic, to offer HHV-6 assay kits worldwide. - July 25, 2014 - MoBiTec GmbH

Creative Diagnostics Announces New Big Promotion Activity for Antibodies

Creative Diagnostics's July Big Promotion is open to customers around the world. - July 22, 2014 - Creative Diagnostics

Colorado BioScience Association Recognizes Amgen Foundation’s $25,000 Investment in STEM Education in Colorado’s Classrooms

Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA) is honored to announce the Amgen Foundation’s grant of $25,000 to the Colorado BioScience Institute (CBSI) in support of the Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program in Colorado’s science classrooms. The RET program is an intensive, 4 week, hands-on program in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for 7th-12th grade teachers. - July 21, 2014 - Colorado BioScience Association

Bioo Scientific Launches 16S V1 – V3 rRNA Library Prep Kits for Bacterial Metagenomics Studies

Bioo Scientific’s NEXTflex™ 16S V1 – V3 Amplicon-Seq Kit simplifies bacterial metagenomics studies for sequencing on the Illumina® MiSeq platform. This kit allows users to go from sample to sequence in two hours, making it the fastest library prep kit available. Up to 384... - July 19, 2014 - Bioo Scientific

MoBiTec GmbH Teams Up with Protobios to Offer Epitope Mapping Service Using Mimotope Variation Analysis (MVA) Technology

MoBiTec, Germany, partners with the Estonian biotechnology company Protobios to offer Mimotope Variation Analysis (MVA)-based antibody epitope mapping service to scientists worldwide. - July 19, 2014 - MoBiTec GmbH

Case Study: Stem Cells vs Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery in a Patient with Multi-Vessel Disease 6 Year Follow Up

Case Study: Stem Cells vs Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery in a Patient with Multi-Vessel Disease 6 Year Follow Up

Stem cells outperform heart bypass surgery. A heart patient treated with his own stem cells instead of undergoing coronary bypass surgery is exceeding all expectations 6 years after his adult stem cell treatment. - July 17, 2014 - Regenocyte Worldwide

Pathology Diagnostics Ltd (PDL) Launches New Immunofluorescence Capabilities

Pathology Diagnostics has embraced the invaluably powerful technique of immunofluorescence (IMF); utilising fluorescent-labelled antibodies to detect specific target antigens. - July 11, 2014 - Pathology Diagnostics Ltd

Hormel Foods Specialty Products Division and VIRUN®, Granted Patent No. 8,741,373

Hormel Foods Specialty Products Division and VIRUN®, Granted Patent No. 8,741,373

VIRUN® and the Specialty Products Division at Hormel Foods were granted Patent number 8,741,373, Composition for Non-Polar Compounds. This particular patent allows unwavering high oil load encapsulation of non-polar compounds, such as Omega-3 EPA and DHA, CoQ10, Vitamins A, D, E, K, Carotenoids such as Lutein, Beta Carotene or Astaxanthin into certain water soluble and stable foods and beverages. - July 09, 2014 - VIRUN

Recursion Pharmaceuticals Announces Funding for Rett Syndrome Research

Recursion Pharmaceuticals has received support for focused work to identify a treatment for Rett Syndrome by the Rett Syndrome Research Trust. Recursion will apply its innovative drug discovery platform immediately to investigate the gene MECP2 in an effort to identify new therapeutics for the condition. - July 09, 2014 - Recursion Pharmaceuticals

Pathology Diagnostics Ltd.'s (PDL) Presence at Dako Symposium Strengthens Industry Connections

Senior technical management staff from Pathology Diagnostics attended the recent DakoLink-UP Scientific Symposium held in York in June 2014. Their presence strengthened connections already in place with Dako staff, and highlighted similarities in quality control and auditing needs with NHS... - July 05, 2014 - Pathology Diagnostics Ltd

Mirus Reagent Agent® Now on MoBiTec Website - Find the Appropriate Transfection Reagent for Your Cell Line and Experiment

MoBiTec GmbH, Germany, together with the transfection experts of Mirus Bio, USA, brings you the Reagent Agent® - a tool designed to determine the best solution for delivery of any nucleic acids into any cell type, including hard-to-transfect cell lines and primary cells. - July 05, 2014 - MoBiTec GmbH

Bioo Scientific Launches NEXTflex Cell Free DNA-Seq Kit Optimized for ctDNA and cfDNA Library Prep

The NEXTflex™ Cell Free DNA-Seq Kit for Illumina Library Preparation is optimized for library construction from low input amounts of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) or cell free fetal DNA (cffDNA). This is the first kit optimized specifically for library construction from DNA isolated from cell... - July 04, 2014 - Bioo Scientific

Colorado BioScience Association Welcomes the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office "Rocky Mountain Regional Satellite Office" to Denver

Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA) is honored to welcome the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Rocky Mountain Regional Satellite Office to Denver. The office will be led by Russell Slifer, an intellectual property lawyer, who has served as chief patent counsel for Boise, Idaho-based Micron Technology for the past eight years. - June 30, 2014 - Colorado BioScience Association

CrystalGenomics Receives KRW 13 Billion in Strategic Investment from the Global Pharmaceutical Industry Development Fund

CrystalGenomics, Inc., a late clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing novel drugs for therapeutic areas of unmet medical needs, has just announced that it has received KRW 13 billion (USD 12.8 Million) from the Global Pharmaceutical Industry Development... - June 27, 2014 - CrystalGenomics, Inc.

Colorado BioScience Association Congratulates the Five Bioscience Companies Included in the "Colorado Companies to Watch" Class of 2014

Colorado BioScience Association Applauds the "Colorado Companies to Watch" program for honoring the contributions of five local bioscience companies to the state’s economy in its Class of 2014. Announced at a Gala held June 20th, the bioscience companies featured this year among the 50 honorees were: Eldon James Corp., JustRight Surgical LLC, MedKeeper, Sharklet Technologies and UrgentRx. - June 27, 2014 - Colorado BioScience Association

Pathology Diagnostics Ltd (PDL) Biomarker Test Portfolio and Advanced Staining Capabilities Show CAGR of 50%

Due to the recent rapid growth of Pathology Diagnostics Ltd (PDL), the advanced laboratory staining biomarker test portfolio of the organisation has grown at an extremely impressive rate, with the number of biomarkers validated now reaching over 370 for immunohistochemistry (IHC) and... - June 27, 2014 - Pathology Diagnostics Ltd Announces Sartorius mLINE Pipette Starter Kit Special has announced their Sartorius mLINE Pipette Starter Kit Special which will benefit labs looking to mix and match sizes rather than have predetermined sizes. - June 26, 2014 -

AveXis Announces Dosing of First Patient for Gene Transfer Clinical Trial for Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1 at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

AveXis, Inc., a synthetic biology platform company, today announced that the first patient in the Gene Transfer Clinical Trial for Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1 has now been enrolled and dosed by Nationwide Children’s Hospital. This trial utilizes chariSMA, the gene therapy product developed... - June 26, 2014 - AveXis Inc.

iPathwayGuide Now Available in Illumina’s BaseSpace Apps

Advaita Bioinformatics today announced the addition of its iPathwayGuide application to BaseSpace Apps, Illumina’s applications store and informatics community dedicated to advancing genomic analysis. iPathwayGuide is a web based pathway analysis tool that goes beyond the typical statistical... - June 25, 2014 - Advaita Corporation

Colorado BioScience Association Releases Annual Bioscience Colorado Magazine at BIO International Convention in San Diego

Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA) is releasing its annual edition of Bioscience Colorado, this week, at the BIO International Convention in San Diego, CA. Bioscience Colorado is a key resource for companies, investors and economic developers, and has become the go-to source for the industry. - June 23, 2014 - Colorado BioScience Association

Pathology Diagnostics Ltd (PDL) Launches Social Media Presence Online

Having already established itself as one of the leaders in its industry, Pathology Diagnostics is continuing to grow from strength to strength – evolving into a formidable organisation within its market space. Wanting to showcase its employee expertise (both academic and industry-applied) and... - June 22, 2014 - Pathology Diagnostics Ltd

Arbovax Closing in on Vaccine for Chikungunya

Arbovax, Inc., a clinical stage biotechnology company, has successfully demonstrated in an animal model the efficacy of its vaccine technology for the treatment of Chikungunya, a mosquito borne virus that has recently emerged in the US. “There was a major outbreak in the Caribbean that... - June 21, 2014 - Arbovax Inc

UCR (Uppsala Clinical Research Center) Selected Ethical eAdjudication® to Support the Clinical Endpoints Adjudication Process

Uppsala Clinical Research Center (UCR), a top Academic Research Organization based in Sweden, adopted Ethical eAdjudication® cloud-based platform to manage the central assessment of Clinical Trial Endpoints by an independent CEC (Clinical Endpoint Classification) Committee. - June 21, 2014 - Ethical GmbH

Major Pipette Distributor,, Featured in Capital One “I Am Small Business Proud” Campaign

President of, Alex Spector, has been featured in the Capital One “I Am Small Business Proud” campaign which highlights successful small business owners. - June 21, 2014 -

Bioo Scientific Releases Sciclone and Biomek Protocols to Eliminate NGS Library Prep Bottlenecks

Today Bioo Scientific announced the release of high throughput automated methods for next generation sequencing library preparation on the Beckman Biomek® FX and Biomek® FXP Laboratory Automation Workstations, and the Perkin Elmer Sciclone liquid handling workstations. These protocols were... - June 20, 2014 - Bioo Scientific

Second Annual Eclipse IP Futures Conference Delivers Real World Insights on Monetizing Intellectual Property

Patent Value, America Invents Act, and “Patent Trolls” Big Part of Conversation at Event Hosted by RTI International, Neopatents, NC COIN - June 20, 2014 - COIN

AveXis to Present at Piper Jaffray GenomeRX Symposium

AveXis, a clinical stage synthetic biology platform company, today announced that Mr. John Carbona, Chief Executive Officer and other members of the AveXis team will participate in the panel discussion “The Power Alley: Gene Therapy For Neuromuscular Disorders” at the Piper Jaffray... - June 20, 2014 - AveXis Inc.

MoBiTec GmbH, Germany, and Invent Biotechnologies Inc., USA, Sign Distribution Agreement for the European Market

MoBiTec GmbH, Germany, focused on selling products for life science research, has entered into a distribution agreement with Invent Biotechnologies, Inc., USA. Together with Invent Biotechnologies, MoBiTec expands its portfolio of premier brands. - June 19, 2014 - MoBiTec GmbH

VIRUN® & Pacific Deep Ocean Biotech Combine Natural Mineral Complexes with OmegaH2O® EPA and DHA for Foods, Beverages & Supplements

VIRUN® & Pacific Deep Ocean Biotech Combine Natural Mineral Complexes with OmegaH2O® EPA and DHA for Foods, Beverages & Supplements

Virun, and Pacific Deep Ocean Biotech (PDOB), work together to provide mineral complexes that are derived from the ocean with Omega-3 EPA and DHA that deliver clean label claim and eco-friendly sustainable solutions. The combination allows a source for mineral complexes in VIRUN’s patent and patents-pending technologies that naturally yield low metal content to avoid reactivity with omega-3 EPA and DHA, all-the-while delivering a consistent level of Calcium, Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium. - June 18, 2014 - VIRUN

NC COIN, Shanahan Law Group, NC Biotechnology Center Announce Start Up and Early Stage Legal Series

Informative Five-Week seminar Series to Cover Topics from Business Formation, to Fund Raising and Exits, to IP Issues to International Business Transactions - June 14, 2014 - COIN

Organomation Upgrades Sample Holder in Popular Lab Evaporator

Lab evaporators produced by Organomation continue to be among the most durable and flexible instruments in the sample preparation segment. - June 13, 2014 - Organomation

Bioo Scientific’s Test Strips Increase the Ease and Sensitivity of Aflatoxin M1 Analysis in Milk

Bioo Scientific’s AuroFlow™ Aflatoxin M1 Strip Test Kit is a rapid, simple, cost-effective lateral flow assay, designed to detect Aflatoxin M1 residues in raw commingled cow’s milk in only 10 minutes. This strip test detects levels of aflatoxin M1 at levels as low as 0.5 ppb. The... - June 13, 2014 - Bioo Scientific

MoBiTec Launches SpeedBlot (His) – A Strikingly Fast and Easy-To-Use Western Blot Stain for His-Tagged Proteins

Instant detection of poly-histidine tagged proteins on nitrocellulose membrane with SpeedBlot (His) is easy and does not require relevant hands-on time. Even 0.1 pmol detection limits can be achieved with this highly sensitive detection reagent. While common Western Blot protocols require 6 to 21 hours, staining with SpeedBlot (His) is completed after just about 90 minutes. - June 12, 2014 - MoBiTec GmbH

Discover the Next IDE Inhibitor with the Newly Launched SensoLyte® IDE Activity Assay

AnaSpec Launches Industry’s First FRET-based Assay for Measurement of Insulin Degrading Enzyme (IDE) Activity for inhibitor high throughput screening- the SensoLyte® 520 IDE Activity Assay Kit. - June 12, 2014 - AnaSpec, EGT Group

IonSense Introduces the DART®-EDU Program to Provide Educational Institutions with an Economical Path to Ownership of Its State-of-the-Art Mass Spectrometry Technology

Educational Leasing Program will enable chemistry departments to lower operating costs while providing students access to Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry. To be exhibited at the 62nd ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics in Baltimore, MD, June 15-19, 2014, Booth 120. - June 10, 2014 - IonSense, Inc.

Women’s Health: Dr. Kathy Maupin Announces a Free Webinar to Answer Questions About Hormone Replacement

Hormone expert will answer questions about treatment for symptoms of menopause and testosterone deficiency through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. - June 08, 2014 - BioBalance Health

AveXis to Present at Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Annual Conference

AveXis, a clinical stage synthetic biology platform company, today announced that Dr. Allan Kaspar, Chief Scientific Officer, will be presenting at The Family and Researcher Poster Session at The Annual Spinal Muscular Atrophy Conference, which will be held on Thursday, June 12, 2014 in National... - June 08, 2014 - AveXis Inc.

Recursion Pharmaceuticals Announces Dr. H. Perry Fell as the First Member of Business Advisory Panel

Recursion Pharmaceuticals, a biotech start-up in Salt Lake City today announced the formation of its Business Advisory Panel. The first appointment to the Advisory Panel is H. Perry Fell, MBA, Ph.D. Perry is a distinguished scientist and leader who most prominently co-founded Seattle Genetics (NASDAQ: SGEN) and served as its CEO from start-up through IPO. - June 05, 2014 - Recursion Pharmaceuticals

ACT Enters Phase I Human Clinical Trials with First-in-Class Anti-Cancer Drug Candidate

Advanced Cancer Therapeutics (ACT), a privately held company dedicated to bringing new anti-cancer therapies to market, announced today that it has begun clinical trials of PFK-158, a small molecule therapeutic candidate that inactivates a novel cancer metabolism target never before examined in... - June 04, 2014 - Advanced Cancer Therapeutics

Colorado BioScience Association Praises Boettcher Foundation as It Embarks on the Fifth Year of Its Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Program

Colorado BioScience Association congratulates Boettcher Foundation on the announcement of its 2014 class of Boettcher Investigators in the Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Program. Starting its fifth year, the program provides for the discovery of new knowledge that improves human health through the investment in and advancement of early-career scientists. - June 03, 2014 - Colorado BioScience Association

Well-Known Denver Real Estate Developer John M. Shaw to Oversee Properties in the Colorado Life Science District at Fitzsimons

Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority (FRA) is partnering with John M. Shaw as a consultant to oversee its real estate projects in the Colorado Life Science District at Fitzsimons. Shaw’s extensive track record of successful real estate development projects makes him the ideal partner to continue the FRA’s vision to build a world class life science district at Fitzsimons. - May 30, 2014 - Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority

Bioo Scientific Receives Presidential Award for Exports

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker today presented Bioo Scientific with the President’s “E” Award for Exports at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. The “E” Awards are the highest recognition any U.S. entity may receive for making a significant contribution to the... - May 30, 2014 - Bioo Scientific

Solvo Biotechnology, the Transporter Company and Qualyst Transporter Solutions Execute a License to B-Clear® Services

Agreement Supporting Use of Qualyst’ s Patented B-CLEAR® Technology for Services offered by Solvo Biotechnology - May 29, 2014 - Solvo Biotechnology

Industry's First Fluorimetric Assay for Glutaminyl Cyclase

AnaSpec Launches Industry’s First Fluorimetric, 96-well format Assay for Measurement of Glutaminyl Cyclase (QC) Activity - the SensoLyte® Green Glutaminyl Cyclase Activity Assay Kit. - May 29, 2014 - AnaSpec, EGT Group

Life Science Strategy Group Launches the OutsourcePharma Advisory Board

Online community dedicated to pharmaceutical sponsors provides open forum to discuss drug development and outsourced Contract Research Organization (CRO) services. - May 28, 2014 - Life Science Strategy Group, LLC

MiTeGen Awarded $998K NIH Phase II SBIR Grant to Develop Hyperquenching Devices

Two year funding for the development of advanced cooling devices. - May 24, 2014 - MiTeGen, LLC

Jane Rohlf, MD & Premier Research Join Wake Research: New Investigational Site Added to Established Organization of Integrated Clinical Research Investigational Site

Raleigh-based Wake Research (Wake Research Associates, L.L.C.) announces an affiliation with Dr. Jane Rohlf and Premier Research, of Trenton, New Jersey. “Dr. Rohlf brings wealth of research expertise and her site fit well into our strategic plan to offer Biopharmaceutical Industry a broad... - May 24, 2014 - Wake Research Associates

Disposable Transfer Pipette Promotion Now Available at Leading Distributor

Disposable transfer pipette promotion now available at major pipette distributor, Research labs doing chemistry, basic biology, and/or any other type of liquid handling analysis will find this promotion beneficial. - May 24, 2014 -

Bioo Scientific Offers State-of the-Art, Full Service Analytical Food Testing

Bioo Scientific is offering testing services for antibiotic, toxin, hormone and pathogen contamination in food and feed. These services provide testing capabilities to food and feed producers without laboratory infrastructure. - May 23, 2014 - Bioo Scientific

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