Interior Design in the Commercial and Hospitality Industries – Nigeria is on the Rise and on Trend

The Nigerian real estate and hospitality industries have attracted investors for many years now and multiple new developments and refurbishments are taking place; meaning lots of exciting projects for local designers. One of the most exciting builds currently underway is the Eko Atlantic... - September 02, 2017 - home decor & giftware Nigeria

Gameroom Show Offers New Local Appraisal Services for Florida Antique Collectors

Gameroom Show announces new local antique appraisal services for Florida collectors of antique slot machines, penny arcade machines, trade stimulator devices, fortune teller machines, coin operated machines, vintage circus and carnival antique memorabilia. - September 01, 2017 - Gameroom Show

Owlbear Prints Set to Bring a New Industry to Calgary

Owlbear Prints hopes to take a love of gaming and wood crafting to create magic for many. - August 28, 2017 - Owlbear Prints & Collectables

Independent Artists, Unusual Themes Take Center Stage in New Offbeat Line of Jigsaw Puzzles, Now Available on Kickstarter

Artists from the USA, France and Canada embrace nostalgic pastime with unconventional themes of naturalism, surrealism, mythology, Slavic folklore and the visual style of the retrowave music genre. Live on Kickstarter: - August 24, 2017 - Bone Owl Puzzles

Kickstarter Gold: Chineasy Tiles. Learning Chinese is Easier Than Ever with a Hands-on Board Game.

Chineasy, the award-winning methodology that revolutionized how people learn Chinese, just launched its latest educational toy: Chineasy Tiles - a learning tool that makes learning Chinese fun and easy for all ages. In 2013, Chineasy successful raised over £190,000 in its first Kickstarter campaign to publish Chineasy: The New Way to Read Chinese. Today, Chineasy is back with a hands-on, multi-dimensional learning tool for learners of all ages to engage and play while learning Chinese. - June 28, 2017 - Chineasy

PlayerAuctions Comment on Rocket League 2nd Birthday Update

PlayerAuctions Comment on Rocket League 2nd Birthday Update

Rocket League has an early anniversary update, which includes a new arena, crate, and cosmetic items, along with the opening of the new competitive season. The update will go live on July 7th even though Rocket League’s 2nd birthday is on the 5th. - June 27, 2017 - PlayerAuctions

7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Bounce House from China

7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Bounce House from China

Bouncer Depot offers tips on selecting the best commercial bounce houses, inflatable water slides and obstacle courses made in the U.S.A. - June 06, 2017 - Bouncer Depot

Where Will You be When the Bombs Begin to Fall? Survival Board Game "Apochalyptica" Hits Kickstarter

New England based indie game development company, Psychotronic Studios, released their first game to Kickstarter earlier this week. Apochalyptica is an apocalyptic survival board game/rpg hybrid aiming to bridge the divide in the tabletop gaming community. - May 18, 2017 - Psychotronic Studios

Kiserena is Pleased to Announce Their Fuse Beads Kit is Back in Stock

After Massive Demand Kiserena Now Have Their Best Selling Fuse Beads Kit Back in Stock and Available for Purchase on - May 17, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Toy Products Brand Kiserena Passes 1000 Twitter Followers

Kiserena finds great success on Micro-Blogging Social Media Site. - May 14, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Kiserena Just Finished Restocking Their Complete Collection Loom Band Kit in Amazon

Kiserena reports that they have finished restocking the inventory for their Complete Collection Loom Band Kit in The loom kit is still currently available in the online store. - May 07, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Home Décor & Giftware Expo; a Platform for Sustainable Development in the African Retail Industry

Despite the current economic challenges in Africa, the Retail market was the 3rd largest contributors to Nigeria’s GDP, while Nigeria recorded the highest retail sale of $125bn in the sub Saharan African during 2016. home décor & giftware, organised by Clarion Events West Africa, in partnership with The Retail Council of Nigeria and The African Association of Interior Designers is a retail event that would further open up channels of trade between Nigerian buyers and international suppliers. - May 06, 2017 - home decor & giftware Nigeria

Kiserena Announces That Oscar Star Trophies Reaches 3000 Units Milestone

Within two years since its launching, Kiserena Oscar Star Trophies have been soaring high in sales on - May 05, 2017 - Kiserena LLC Selected for the SBA Excellence Award Selected for the SBA Excellence Award, Labels for everyday life, will be recognized during National Small Business Week at the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 19th Annual Small Business Excellence Awards luncheon held at The Albany Marriott in Albany, NY on Tuesday, May 2nd at 11:30 AM. - May 01, 2017 -

Kiserena Oscar Star Trophies Celebrate Two Years on Amazon

The Oscar Star Trophies by Kiserena Reached a Recent Milestone and Want to Thanks Their Valued Customers - April 28, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

"It’s A Squirrel’s Life™" Board Game, Inspired by a Rescued Tree Squirrel Launched on Kickstarter by Moxy Roxy, Inc.

Game helps children with math and negotiation skills, with some proceeds going to animal charities. - April 26, 2017 - Moxy Roxy, Inc.

Additional Stocks for Kiserena’s Fuse Beads Kit Slated to Arrive by Next Month in Amazon

Kiserena gives a brief report about the Fuse Beads Kit’s inventory levels in Amazon. - April 26, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Techintelligence Offers a New Searchable Video Game Database

Mario Santorelli never saw it coming. His memory was doing well, his knowledge of Video Games surpassed many, and he poured his heart in it as well. But when playing trivia one night with his friends his memory of a particular video game caught on the tip of his tongue, he was stunned - and he lost... - April 18, 2017 - TechIntelligence - The Videogame Database

Kiserena Announces a New Sale on Their Loom Bands Refill Kit

Kiserena Loom Bands Refill Kit is on Sale through Amazon - April 08, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Oscar Star Trophies by Kiserena Get 4.6 Rating on Amazon

Kiserena’s Oscar Star Trophies get good grades from Amazon customers. - April 05, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Kiserena Customers Get Free Shipping from Amazon

Good news for Kiserena customers. - April 04, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Kiserena Oscar Star Trophies Free Shipping on Amazon

Good News for Kiserena Oscar Star Trophies Buyers. - April 04, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Kiserena Announces Third Year Anniversary For Its Complete Collection Loom Bands Set

The US-based craft kit product company Kiserena announces their three-year anniversary is the perfect time to look back on their recent achievement. - April 03, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Kiserena Complete Collection Loom Bands Set Enters Its 3rd Year in Amazon

Kiserena reports that the Complete Collection Loom Bands Set just entered its 3rd year of being sold in the Amazon marketplace. The company extends their gratitude to everyone who has continued to support the loom kit. - March 31, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Kiserena Soon to Run Out of Stock for the Complete Collection Loom Bands Kit

Amazon Gives Low Stock Alert for the Kiserena Complete Collection Loom Bands Kit Following Higher Than Expected Sales for the Past Weeks. - March 23, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Modern Kids Toy Brand, Hudson’s Reveals 10 Fun Facts About the Beloved Xylophone

Modern, online kids brand, Hudson’s provides today’s little ones with traditional toys for play. Musical toys such as the xylophone develop and strengthen various parts of a child’s brain while they have a blast banging on the colorful toy that makes a beautiful sound. Here’s 10 fun facts about this historic instrument that has been a staple inside children’s toy boxes worldwide, for centuries. - March 20, 2017 - Hudson's

Fuse Beads Kit by Kiserena Gets 4.8 Star Rating on Amazon

Kiserena’s Fuse Beas Kit gets good grades from buying parents on - March 18, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Mardi Gras Supplies Awarded Google Trusted Stores Badge

Mardi Gras Supplies, which offers Mardi Gras beads, Venetian masquerade masks, poly deco mesh, and all kinds of table and party supplies, was recently selected to join the Google Trusted Stores program. To help shoppers identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience, the Google Trusted Store badge is awarded to e-commerce sites that demonstrate a track record of on-time shipping and excellent customer service. - March 16, 2017 - Mardi Gras Supplies

Kiserena Replenishes the Stock of Their Loom Bands Refill Kit

Kiserena has just announced the arrival of fresh stock of their second Amazon craft product Loom Bands Refill Kit. This product had recently gone out of stock because of a steadily rising demand. - March 11, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

More Stocks for the Kiserena Complete Collection Loom Bands Kit to Arrive Soon in Amazon

Kiserena gives a brief update regarding the additional Complete Collection Loom Bands Kit stocks that are coming to Amazon. - March 08, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

A Look Into The Right of Kings, the New Kickstarter Board Game and Collectible Playing Cards

The Right of Kings brings your clan back to the table. The beginning of a gaming legacy that starts with ROK, a board game and set of collectible playing cards. - March 05, 2017 - The Right of Kings

Kiserena’s Fuse Beads Kit Keeps Gaining Popularity on Amazon

The Fuse Beads Kit by Kiserena continues to impress customers with its high quality features, particularly durability, convenience, and various color options. Many satisfied buyers have taken the time and effort to share their opinions about the product. - March 03, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Kiserena Loom Band Refill Kit Runs Out of Inventory Because of High Demand

Last 2 Kiserena Loom Band Refill Kits in Stock. - March 03, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Oscar Star Trophies by Kiserena Back in Stock

Kiserena’s Oscar Star Trophies Have Now Been Re-Stocked on - February 28, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Garagen1 Now Unveils State-of-the-Art Hoverboards

Garagen1, a renowned website dealing in hoverboards has now unveiled what may change how people view hoverboards and self-balancing scooters in general. The company has been known to be a market leader when it comes to the sale of high-quality hoverboards but in a bid to seek more leverage in this... - February 27, 2017 - Garagen1

New Children’s Toy Brand Puts the Fun and Carefree Spirit Back Into Playtime with Handmade, Brightly-Colored, Wooden Toys

Hudson’s, an online children’s toy brand, launched its store on in January 2017 with its first product; a handmade, brightly-colored, wooden glockenspiel xylophone. Designed for children three years and above, the instrument is perfect for mini musicians, and can also provide... - February 23, 2017 - Hudson's

Kiserena Has Sold 1500 Units of Their Fuse Beads Kit in Amazon

Kiserena has proudly reported that their latest product, the Fuse Beads Kit, has already sold its 1500th unit in just the span of barely a year in Amazon. - February 23, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Kiserena Prepares for the Production of More Loom Refill Kit for Amazon

The Kiserena team announced that they will start the planning phase to send more Loom Refill Kit to - February 21, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

MyFancyCraft Unveils Exotic Handmade Items

Handmade items are some of the rarest yet most exquisite items. They epitomize the real human ingenuity and are a perfect fit for all occasions. They can be presented as corporate gift ideas, personalized wedding gifts or as any token of appreciation as they carry a great measure of originality and... - February 19, 2017 - MyFancyCraft

Kiserena Oscar Star Trophies Sell Out on Amazon Because of High Demand

The Oscar Star Trophies by Kiserena will be Available Again in a Few Weeks on Amazon. - February 19, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Texas' Only LGBTQ+ and Allied Geek Convention Offers Welcome Environment for All

HavenCon 3, set April 28th - 30th in Austin, Texas brings a wide range of guests, events, vendors, and a community together to discuss all things geek and LGBTQ+ during it's 3rd year event, now located at the Double Tree Hilton North Austin. - February 18, 2017 - It's Your Haven Foundation

Kiserena Complete Collection Loom Bands Set Will be Marked Down for Limited Time

Kiserena Complete Collection Loom Bands Set Will be on Sale. - February 17, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

The Right of Kings Playing Cards and Board Game is Launching on Kickstarter

The Right of Kings introduces a new set of playing cards, together with a new game called The ROK. - February 16, 2017 - The Right of Kings

Kiserena Chamois Towel Maintains a 4.4 Star Rating on Amazon

Though being released on over 3 years ago, Kiserena Chamois Towel has managed to maintain a 4.4 star rating on the online store, with customers revealing why they give a high star rating for the product. - February 10, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Kiserena Chamois Towel Pasts 150 Customer Review Milestone

Kiserena Chamois Towel now stands at more than 150 customer reviews, averaging 4.4 star rating, with people all over the US explaining why they recommend it to others. - February 09, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

SoulGame’s Latest Mobile Game Showcases Innovative Control Pad

SoulGame Ltd. starts the new year with an app that features an innovative control pad. - January 28, 2017 - SoulGame

Insult Party Game, Argle Bargle Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Game designers and life-long friends, Simon Erich and Zeke Brill are proud to announce the launch of Argle Bargle: The Game Where You Insult Your Friends on popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. They are seeking funding for an initial print run. - January 25, 2017 - Argle Bargle

Kiserena Complete Collection Loom Bands Set is Back in Stock on Amazon

Kiserena Happy to Announce Its Complete Collection Loom Bands Set is Back in Stock on - January 21, 2017 - Kiserena LLC

Husband/Wife Couple Raise $60,000 on Day 1 of Board Game Release on Kickstarter

Husband/Wife Couple Raise $60,000 on Day 1 of Board Game Release on Kickstarter

A husband/wife team released their new game, Tortuga 1667, on Kickstarter. It has raised $60,000 in the first 24 hours and is still climbing. Here is the link to the project: . - January 20, 2017 - Facade Games Goes Live

Did you know that the owner of Beacon's Glow Collectibles, Brenda Mize, makes OOAK handmade dolls from Dianna Effner Little Darling doll sculpts? - January 16, 2017 - Eyes of Texas Dolls

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