SocksLane Compression Gears Reviews Soar to 1300 Positive Reviews and Counting

SocksLane, the leading provider of compression garments in Amazon gets 1300 plus reviews mid year of 2019. The reviews for SocksLane compression socks average at 4.85 Star rating out of the perfect 5 star rating. This is a great achievement for the company. A review of a satisfied customer writes,... - September 06, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Launches Special Discount for Cotton Compression Socks

SocksLane is releasing a limited number of compression socks at a 40% discount from their already discounted products on Amazon. This would amount to a full 75% discount on the manufacturer's recommended price (MRP). This Special Deal is available now and for a limited time only on The... - August 30, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Maintains Highest Reorder Rate in Compression Niche

SocksLane, well known for their women compression socks, are now a phenomenon in the Amazon marketplace as customers satisfaction levels stay high in the marketplace and past customers come back to purchase their products. The company has quickly reached 1300 reviews mark with a 4.8/5 rating, one... - August 28, 2019 - SocksLane

Amazon’s New Changes Has Been Advantageous for SocksLane Sales

Amazon made changes last June 2019 in its seller policies. The 3 small changes affected both customers and sellers in which SocksLane responded to and complied to immediately. The changes are as follows: 1) sellers must include price per unit information for all listings; 2) sellers must enter a... - August 27, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Publishes Article on Better Leg Health for Older People

SocksLane, as a small family business, has been the leading provider of compression socks in US Amazon. They have extended their after-sales support to people who have leg problems by publishing blogs and articles. They publish on regular basis articles and news reports on their official... - August 22, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Participates in Warrior Challenge Canada

SocksLane, the number one provider of compression socks on Amazon participates in the upcoming Warrior Endurance Challenge this coming August 24 in Montreal, Canada. W.E. is a four-hour program that pushes the physical and emotional limits of teams and individuals. The program, according to the... - August 17, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Releases 2nd Quarter Sales Report

SocksLane, the leading provider of compression socks in the US, has just released the 2019 mid-year sales report with a current rating of 4.9 Amazon Stars since January of 2019. Compression garments have been a trending product since 2010 and were developed with technological advancement. The... - August 08, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Publishes Article on Proper Health Maintenance of People with High Uric Acid Maintenance

SocksLane has ventured not just in providing compression socks but also in publishing articles for customers. They recently published an article on high uric acid maintenance entitled, “Joint Pain Because of High Uric Acid? You Must Read This!” A number of their clients are affected by... - August 07, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Continues Campaign on Leg Health Awareness with eBook

SocksLane, the leading provider of cotton compression accessories in Amazon, continues its campaign on leg health awareness by releasing a free eBook to its customers. The eBook is entitled "Happy Legs for a Happy Life." The eBook is authored by Dr. Chuck Johns, a sports rehab doctor and... - August 04, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Publishes Tips and Tricks for Night Nurses

SocksLane, the leading provider of compression socks extends their after-sales support for Night Nurses by publishing regular blogs on their website. Their recent published article targeted tips and tricks for night nurses entitled “9 Life Hacks for Night Nurses That Can Help You Through Your... - August 02, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Compression Recommends 3 Exercise Tips for People with Tennis Elbow

SocksLane, a small US-based company providing cotton compression garments releases a blog that recommends 3 proven exercise tips for people with tennis elbow. The blog was published last June 25, 2019, and is currently receiving traction with its readers. As a company that has been dubbed as the... - August 02, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Remains on Top with a Combined 4.78 Amazon Star Rating Worldwide

SocksLane, the leading provider of compression socks in the US has expanded their market and for the last year remains to be on top of their game with an average of 4.78 Amazon Star rating worldwide. In the last 12 months the average rating of their products has never been below 4.7 stars. - July 31, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Hits 4.7 Star Rating in Amazon France in the Last Year

SocksLane gets rated by Amazon France customers at a 4.7 Star Rating average for the last 12 months including July 2019. Compression socks sales for SocksLane have been consistent in the last 6 months which has made SocksLane the top rated compression socks provider in France for the 2nd quarter of... - July 26, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Maintains a 4.75 Star Rating in the Last 12 Months in UK Amazon

SocksLane has remained consistent in providing after sales customer service together with quality products in the last 12 months with a rating of 4.75 across the UK Market. The sales have been consistently rising in the UK market for cotton compression socks. The co-founder of the company, Dave... - July 25, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Maintains a Perfect 5 Star Rating in the Last 12 Months for One Product in Germany

SocksLane remains consistent in providing quality products with their perfect 5 star rating in the last 12 months in their German market. The sales and customer feedback show that the company is a success in Germany. Although the sales are not as successful as the US market, according to Dave... - July 24, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Participates in California ShoreLine Marathon 2019

SocksLane, the number one provider of compression socks on Amazon participated in the recent Shoreline Marathon 2019. The event was held July 14, 2019, which commemorated the 7th year of successfully hosting the marathon. Hundreds and hundreds of runners from all over the country participated in... - July 19, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Increases Health Awareness for Medical Personnel

SocksLane aims at increasing lower limbs circulatory problems awareness among medical personnel. One of the common problems among nurses, doctors and other medical personnel and healthcare staff are tired legs. Professionals in this particular field know all too well how painful it is to have their... - July 19, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Extends Leg Health Awareness Campaign This 2019

SocksLane, the leading manufacturer of cotton compression socks, extends their "Leg Health Awareness Campaign" targeted at nurses and health practitioners this 2019. The company is now broadening its campaign to include individuals who have lower leg problems. Problems that can vary from... - July 18, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Website Updated with Content for Newly Released Products

SocksLane, the leading provider of cotton compression garments in Amazon updates their official website with content directed towards clients who buy knee sleeves and elbow sleeves. More than 6 months ago the company released 2 new products: elbow sleeves and knee sleeves. They claim that these... - July 13, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Achieves a New Milestone by Hitting 1300 Customer Reviews

SocksLane, a small compression garments company, achieves a new milestone by getting 1300 reviews with 4.98 star rating for the past 12 months. SocksLane is the leading provider of cotton compression socks, knee sleeves and elbow sleeves on Amazon. They recently updated their official website with... - July 13, 2019 - SocksLane

Sockslane Compression Socks Has Become a Trend for Working Moms

SocksLane, the leading provider of cotton compression socks on Amazon, has been making a name for themselves, especially in the compression garments category. About 70 percent of their reviews are from working moms who are in the field of medicine, retail, and the like. The company added knee... - July 10, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Adapts to New Changes Set by Amazon for Better Customer Experience

SocksLane has been informed of the news of the 3 small changes in its Amazon’s seller policies and they respond to adapt to these changes set by the big company. Amazon has instituted the following rules as of June 12, 2019: 1) sellers must include price per unit information for all listings;... - July 06, 2019 - SocksLane

Sockslane Sales Reports Show Success of Company's Participation in the Fourth of July Sale

Sockslane, a compression garment company, has recently participated in the 4th of July Amazon Sale and reports have shown that they are successful with their sales. The company has prepared more than enough stocks for their products in anticipation of the Fourth of July Sale and they were able to... - July 05, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Website Updated with Content for Newly Released Products

SocksLane continues to provide better customer experience by updating their website with new content for their recently released products: compression elbow sleeves and cotton compression knee sleeves. The small family company has had a presence online with their cotton compression socks and has... - July 05, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Complies with New Amazon Seller Policies

Amazon recently updated their seller policies last June 2019 and SocksLane is making adjustments to comply with the new Amazon seller policies. SocksLane is a company that has taken pride in providing customer satisfaction in the last 5 years and they intend to comply with any update Amazon brings... - July 03, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Company Hires a New Creative Director as the Company Expands

SocksLane, the leading provider of cotton compression apparel in Amazon hires a new creative director to help promote their products online. The company has recently added knee sleeves and compression elbow sleeves to their product line up. Their new products have not yet received the media... - June 29, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Announces Fundraising Event for Mental Health Awareness

SocksLane has provided customers with compression gear for the last 5 years and now is participating in a fundraising event for mental health awareness. The Company has sponsored a couple of marathoners in the Big Bears National Trails Day. This event has been participated by different people all... - June 29, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Celebrates 2nd Year Anniversary of Campaign to Promote Nurses Legs Health

SocksLane Celebrates it’s 2nd year of supporting nurses with their overall leg health. A common problem among nurses are swollen legs because of work. Medical personnel know how painful their legs can be after a full day’s work. Stella, an emergency room nurse, said that "...the... - June 22, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Gets Ready with New Stocks for Fourth of July Sale

SocksLane, a compression garment company, is now preparing its Amazon warehouse with new stock from their manufacturing department for the upcoming July 4 Sale in Amazon. The replenishment of stock is a move of the company to anticipate the volume of orders they will get coming next month. They... - June 22, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Celebrates 4 Year Milestone with a Promotional Offer

SocksLane has been in the business for about 4 years and celebrates this milestone with a promotional offer. The company has produced cotton compression socks since 2015 and has received 4.95 average star reviews in the past 6 months. They now celebrate this milestone with a promotional offer in... - June 20, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Mid Year Evaluation Gets Thumbs Up from Amazon Customer

SocksLane, the leading provider of cotton compression garments in Amazon received positive response this mid year 2019. The company has expanded their product line with elbow sleeves and knee sleeves adding to their already successful product line of compression socks. In one review for SocksLane... - June 16, 2019 - SocksLane

Amazon US Adds SocksLane as Compression Knee Sleeves Provider

Amazon approves SocksLane as one of the providers for compression knee sleeves. There are more than 50 companies which offer knee sleeves and other compression garments. SocksLane is now one of them. Amanda Dixon, founder and CEO of the family owned business admitted that competition is going to be... - June 15, 2019 - SocksLane

Compression Socks from SocksLane Get Reviewed by People Suffering RLS

The popular compression socks sold in Amazon gets noticed by people suffering from RLS or Restless Leg Syndrome. In a recent review by a customer suffering from RLS said, “the socks helped me a lot. I was sceptic at first but was able to experience the results myself.” According to the... - June 14, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Announces the Release of Product for Pregnant Women

SocksLane Compression, a small company run by family announces the release of compression socks for pregnant women. The compression socks that they have been producing is targeted for women of all ages who need compression on their legs for different reasons. SocksLane has been providing... - June 07, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Compression Socks Featured in National Nurses Week 2019

National Nurses Week featured SocksLane compression socks as one of the featured products nurses patronize for their daily duties. Nurses week run from May 6 to 12 this 2019 and is celebrated annually from May 6. It is also known as National Nurses Day and runs through May 12, which is the birthday... - June 06, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Company Updates Website with Their New Products

SocksLane, the leading provider of compression socks for men and women, recently updated their website with a new products. Although the new products, elbow sleeves and knee sleeves have been out on the Amazon US market since January of this year, the website has not synchronized with the product... - May 30, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Cotton Compression Socks Gets 2 Thumbs Up from Italian Customers

SocksLane, the leading provider of compression socks for women, released, last year, cotton compression socks in Italy. The Italian market was slow to respond but eventually after a year of being available on the market gets 2 thumbs up from verified Amazon Italy customers. The company is a small... - May 30, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Cotton Compression Elbow Sleeve Runs Out of Stock After Memorial Day Sale

SocksLane, the leading provider of compression socks for women, released, in the first quarter of this year, Cotton Compression Elbow Sleeves. After the recent Memorial Day sale, the said product ran out of stock. The small scale company did not anticipate the positive response from Amazon clients... - May 28, 2019 - SocksLane

Reported Increase in Sales for SocksLane Compression Gears in France

SocksLane compression socks have been available on the Amazon France Market for the last six months, and sales have been going up. The figures show a steady 5% increase since January of 2019. SocksLane compression socks are one of the top-selling products on the Amazon US market for the... - May 28, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Again Gets Positive Feedback in Denmark But with Only Few Reviews

SocksLane gets positive feedback in an overseas market. Denmark Amazon gives the new company reasonably good feedback. The sales have been slow but have been picking up, according to Dave Dixon, co-founder, and CEO of the small family business. He further said that SocksLane took a risk in... - May 23, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Elbow Sleeves Get Praise from Customers After Launch

Sockslane has introduced in the market a new product made of traditional cotton material. It has received several 5-star reviews recently which makes the company a contender in the compression elbow niche. A verified Amazon customer said, "My elbow braces arrived fast and I live in Hawaii,... - May 21, 2019 - SocksLane

Sockslane New Products Gets Good Reviews from Overseas Customers

Sockslane has introduced Cotton Compression Socks in the UK market last January 2019. Since then it has received an average of 4.8 star rating reviews from its UK Amazon Sales Channel. This semestral rating gives boost to expected sales of the company overseas. In a recent review, Anna Brighton, a... - May 21, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Receives Positive Review on Italian Blog

SocksLane has been hard at work continuing to provide quality products over the first five months of this year, continuing a run that has always focused on customer satisfaction and quality offerings. It's always good news for a brand that has been working that hard when customers and clients... - May 04, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Maintains High Reorder Rate to Kick Off 2019

A high reorder rate is an excellent indicator for the success of a business, and it is of particular significance for a smaller company like SocksLane. While some might assume the company won't have the speed or success rate of bigger, flashier brands, the fact that a 75% portion of the client base... - May 01, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Launches Blog for After Sales Customer Support

The company's website,, serves as a portal through which customers can purchase the company's quality products. Of late, it has also developed a blog of its own, which keeps customers abreast of trends in health and wellness, as well as in foot-related health specifically. This is not... - April 20, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Amazon Store is 2019 Amazon's Choice for Compression Socks

Having an online presence is an important for a business in 2019, as it allows your customers to reach you with ease for feedback and ideas. It also allows you to be more competitive, especially considering pretty much every other company that can will also be out there making their online presence... - April 16, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Maintains a 4.9 Average Star Rating for the Past 12 Months on Amazon

2019 has been a good year so far for SocksLane, at only four months in thus far. Amanda and Dave Dixon continue to run a customer-focused company that knows what it can do well and does that to the best of their ability. 2018 saw SocksLane expand their product offerings to respond to customer... - April 11, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane Earns Recommendation from

Amanda and Dave Dixon's SocksLane company has worked tirelessly to produce quality compression socks, expanding to add compression knee and elbow sleeves, to customers whose comfort is the company's focus. The products have earned praise from various quarters, but some of the most fulfilling and... - March 28, 2019 - SocksLane Tweets About SocksLane Products

The popular nursing blog tweets about SocksLane Products and published an interesting article about 5 Things You Need to Know About Cotton Compression Socks and Braces. This article helps nurses do their work without risking circulation-related problems. Run by Brittney Wilson, BSN,... - March 26, 2019 - SocksLane

SocksLane More Than Doubles Reviews on in One Year

Young compression socks company SocksLane, founded and run by Amanda and Dave Dixon, had a strong year in 2018 and is continuing to have success and positive reception. Known for their snug-fitting, secure and comfortable compression socks, and having expanded their product line to offer unisex... - March 22, 2019 - SocksLane

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