Air Hydro Power Welcomes Jeff Woodard as the New Sales Representative for Northeastern, AL

Jeff Woodard joins Air Hydro Power as the new sales representative in Northeastern Alabama. Air Hydro Power is an industrial distributor of pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical automation, and hose and fittings. - July 11, 2015 - Air Hydro Power, Inc.

Kingston Plumbers from John the Plumber Now Offering CCTV Drain Pipe Camera Inspections

Prior to purchasing an older home, it is always a good idea to have the drains inspected using CCTV technology first. In doing so, homeowners will be able to know ahead of time how much money it will cost them to make the necessary plumbing repairs. A CCTV camera can identify blockages that cause serious long-term problems and save homeowners grief down the road, which is why Kingston plumbers from John the Plumber are now offering CCTV drain pipe inspections. - May 30, 2015 - John The Plumber

The Frost Free Hose Bib: Now Available for Installation by a Kingston Plumber from John the Plumber

During the cold winter season, it is not uncommon for outdoor pipes to freeze. Because of the fluctuating weather in Canada, the water in hose bibs continue to freeze, melt, and expand throughout the year until it causes leaks, cracks, and bursts. That is why Kingston plumbers from John the Plumber recommend that homeowners install a frost free hose bib and prevent unnecessary damages to their piping. - May 29, 2015 - John The Plumber

Continental Disc Corporation Announces the Achievement of Russian Technical Certification

Continental Disc Corporation announces the achievement of EAC (Eurasian Attestation of Conformity), a Customs Union Certificate. The EAC mark is the mark of certification for products which have passed the conformity assessment according to the Customs Union (CU) Technical Regulations (TR). CU TR... - May 18, 2015 - Continental Disc Corporation

The Barrhaven Plumbing Professionals at John the Plumber Explain the Polybutylene Pipe Problem

Polybutylene is a flexible plastic pipe that was once widely used in the plumbing of Canadian homes. Between the 1970’s and 1990’s a large number of homes in Canada were built with polybutylene pipes. The problem with polythene pipes is that they are unreliably designed to crack, leak, and break. That is why homeowners who notice something wrong with their plumbing should immediately contact the professionals at John the Plumber. - April 08, 2015 - John The Plumber

The Ottawa Plumbing Professionals at John the Plumber Announce the 2015 Bathroom Design Renovation Trends

Many homeowners across the Greater Region of Ottawa choose the professionals at John the Plumber whenever they have a plumbing problem because of their hard work and reliable services. However, what Ottawans may not know is that the trained experts and John the Plumber also offer renovation services. - April 08, 2015 - John The Plumber

New Kanata Plumbing Company John the Plumber Eliminates Foul Smells from Homes in Spring Special

Homeowners who have noticed a strange odour coming from their pipes should not delay in their decision to contact the professionals. - April 07, 2015 - John The Plumber

Kanata Plumbers from John the Plumber Now Offering Customers a Wider Range of Plumbing Services

For many homeowners finding the perfect plumbing company that is reliable and within budget can often be a difficult endeavour. - April 07, 2015 - John The Plumber

Ottawa Plumbers from John the Plumber Now Presenting Clients with New Drainage Services for Clogs

When a clogged drain becomes an issue for the entire household, homeowners often look to the cheapest and fastest solution; over-the-counter drainage cleaners. - April 07, 2015 - John The Plumber

Kingston Plumbers from John the Plumber Now Offer Customers Kitchen & Faucet Installations, Upgrades, Repairs, & Renovations

Mealtimes are a time-honoured tradition that brings families together, especially during dinner. - April 07, 2015 - John The Plumber

New Bathroom Plumbing Repair & Renovation Services Now Available from John the Plumber Plumbing Contractors

When homeowners experience a bathroom plumbing issue, there is no reason to flush money down the drain. - April 07, 2015 - John The Plumber

Leading Online Vendors of PEX, Plumbing, HVAC Supplies Announce Merger

Leading Online Vendors of PEX, Plumbing, HVAC Supplies Announce Merger

Delaware-based company PexMall and Canarsee in New York will combine their enterprises to form one streamlined plumbing, heating and HVAC online storefront with a specialty in offering PEX tubing supplies. With the merger, the Canarsee online store will diversify its product line by including radiators, toilets, plumbing fixtures, heaters, pool and spa supplies and more. - April 01, 2015 - Canarsee

Barrhaven Plumbing Experts from John the Plumber Encourage Spring Cleaners to Go Above & Beyond This Year

Every year, as the weather gets warmer and the sun comes out of hiding, homeowners get inspired to trade in their wintertime blues for a mop. - March 07, 2015 - John The Plumber

Hydradyne, LLC Names David Parks Company President

Hydradyne, LLC Names David Parks Company President

The Board of Directors of LOR, Inc., Hydradyne's parent company, named David Parks the President of Hydradyne, LLC in the 4th quarter of 2014. - January 23, 2015 - Hydradyne, LLC

Air Hydro Power Received the Parker Hannifin Corporation COS National Platinum Award

Air Hydro Power has earned the Parker Hannifin Corporation Circle of Safety National Platinum Award for 2014. Out of 95 COS Distributors nationwide, AHP was the only distributor to receive a perfect score on their business plan. - December 21, 2014 - Air Hydro Power, Inc.

Groth Corporation Announces New Flame Control Lab & Enhancements to Flow Lab

A ribbon cutting cceremony was recently held for their brand new 3,200 square foot Flame Control Laboratory along with enhancements to their Flow Laboratory at their Stafford, Texas manufacturing facility. - November 01, 2014 - Continental Disc Corporation

Philadelphia Carbide Adds Tungsten Carbide & Ceramic Tooling to Its Line-Up of Custom Manufactured Industrial Parts & Components

Suburban Philadelphia company adds customized precision tooling to its line-up of precision manufacturing capabilities - October 01, 2014 - Philadelphia Carbide Co.

Hindustan Polymer Set to Become Biggest Exporter of Polymer Engineering Products

After successfully capturing the Indian and Asian market, Hindustan Polymer has announced that it is now set to become one of the biggest and trusted Indian polymer company offering quality PTFE products to US manufacturing companies. After successfully serving Indian and Asian market for more than... - September 28, 2014 - Hindustan Polymer

Cambridge-Lee Received Manufacturing Achievement Honors

Cambridge-Lee Industries LLC, a copper-focused manufacturer and distributor for the Plumbing, HVAC, Industrial and OEM markets, headquartered in Reading, PA was honored May 7, 2014 by the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania with its Manufacturing AchievementInnovation... - July 11, 2014 - Cambridge-Lee Industries LLC

New England Valve and Controls Blog Provides Insight and Knowledge to Technical Side of Industrial Valves

The blog is intended to teach and inform through application case studies and problem-solving uses for industrial ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, high performance butterfly valves, knife gate valves, pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, limit switches and positioners. - June 26, 2014 - RENCOR Controls

Lined Valve Company Optimistic About New Buy America Provision

New “Buy America provision” added to the bill that funds water & waste water infrastructure projects now requires CWSRLF & DWSRLF assistance recipients to “use iron and steel products that are produced in the USA for projects for the construction, alteration, maintenance, or repair of a public water system or treatment works”. EPA guidance document mentions valves made of iron & steel. Lined Valve Company has products that will comply with this Buy America provision. - June 03, 2014 - Lined Valve Company

Air Hydro Power Welcomes Simon Propst, New Product Specialist Engineer

Air Hydro Power welcome's Simon Propts as the new Product Specialist Engineer for the state of Alabama. He will be working on trouble shoot and finding solutions to industrial applications. He specializes in automation applications. Air Hydro Power is excited for him to join their team. Air Hydro Power is an industrial distributor of hydraulics, pneumatics, hose and fittings and electrical automation products and services. - April 11, 2014 - Air Hydro Power, Inc.

DGI Supply Launches National Account Program

DGI Supply today, released a national account program for industrial manufacturing companies with multi location facilities or a single large facility. The national account program, the first for DGI Supply, is being made immediately available to all North American manufacturing companies. - April 08, 2014 - DGI Supply

Continental Disc Corporation Announces the Launch of Its Newest Product: the WMP™ Welded Muffled Plug Rupture Disc Assembly

The WMP™ Rupture Disc Assembly is a single use unit that is threaded into a pressure system. The rupture disc assembly is designed to relieve the pressure of the process media in an over pressure condition to protect equipment, personnel and the environment from catastrophic failure of the... - March 13, 2014 - Continental Disc Corporation

Air Hydro Power Welcome's Mitch McFarland the New Northwestern Alabama Salesman

Air Hydro Power welcome's Mitch McFarland as the new supporting outside salesman for Northwestern Alabama. He will be the key contact for AHP for that part of Alabama providing great customer service, industry knowledge, and business growth. - January 24, 2014 - Air Hydro Power, Inc.

Smart-Hose Technologies Announces the Addition of a European Based Representative

Smart-Hose Technologies Announces the Addition of a European Based Representative

Smart-Hose Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of Geoff Pearce to their sales team. Geoff has over 35 years experience in the industrial gas and process chemical hose industries and holds a Higher National Certificate in Engineering. He has represented industry leaders including ERIKS... - January 16, 2014 - Smart-Hose Technologies

Alliance Express Launches New Product to Meet Consumer Demands

Alliance Express, an international distributor of protection and finishing products, is excited to announce the launch of stepped grommets, a black PVC product that guarantees wires necessary protection. The new line will be available for sale immediately. The parts manufacturer and e-commerce... - January 05, 2014 - Alliance Express

Alliance Express Releases 6,200 New Products; Celebrates Launch of Steel Clamp with Rubber Cushion

E-commerce company Alliance Express is excited to announce a new line of steel clamps with rubber cushions. The cold-rolled steel clamps with TPE cushion provide buyers a safe means of securing conduit, cables, pipes, and hoses; the black rubber cushion also benefits clients by absorbing vibrations. - January 05, 2014 - Alliance Express

Duoline® Technologies Announces the Appointment of Joe Farmer as Manufacturing Engineer

Duoline® Technologies, an industry leader in solving oilfield corrosion problems through innovative products and services, announces the appointment Joe Farmer as Manufacturing Engineer. Joe Farmer earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at... - December 20, 2013 - Duoline Technologies

Air Hydro Power Welcome's John Hubbard as the New Electrical Engineer

Air Hydro Power welcomes John Hubbard as its newest Electrical Engineer in the Lexington, Kentucky branch. John will be responsible for product integration consulting and project design and support specializing in automation projects. - December 07, 2013 - Air Hydro Power, Inc.

Alliance Express Introduces New Product to Its Vast Inventory

Alliance Express recently introduced 6,200 new products to its already formidable 500 million part inventory. The newcomers to Alliance Express’ stock fit into a number of categories, including T-bolt hose clamps, parts that are popular for a variety of applications. Alliance Express, a... - October 30, 2013 - Alliance Express

Alliance Express Introduces New Line of PVC Coated Metal Conduit

As an international manufacturer and distributor of protection and finishing components for a variety of industries and applications, Alliance Express is continually expanding its product line to better meet the needs of its customers. This month, the company was proud to announce the introduction... - October 30, 2013 - Alliance Express

Alliance Express Satisfies Consumer Demand with Addition of New Inventory

Mechanical parts provider adds 15 new mini worm gear hose clamps to product line. - October 27, 2013 - Alliance Express

TLV Introduces New Steam Solutions Engineering App

TLV ToolBox is a new steam calculation mobile app for fluid engineering released by TLV International, Inc.. The new app is available for iOS and Android, and features steam stables, a unit conversion tool, steam and condensate pipe sizing calculations, heat calculations, and much more. - October 17, 2013 - TLV International, Inc.

Cambridge-Lee Announces New CEO

In a planned succession, Cambridge-Lee Industries LLC announces the appointment of Andrea J. Funk as its new CEO. Funk assumed responsibilities as CEO effective August 3, 2013 and is succeeding Edward Kerins, who has retired from Cambridge-Lee after 39 years of service, in which he served as CEO... - August 11, 2013 - Cambridge-Lee Industries LLC

Alliance Express Offers Over 6,000 New Industrial Components This Season

Alliance Express offers over 6,000 protective and finishing components this season. Some of the categories included are cable tires, circuit board hardware, and masking products. The company’s new products are listed on its 2013 catalog. Free samples are also available upon request. Alliance... - July 25, 2013 - Alliance Express

Industrial Tube & Steel on Track for Third Year of Growth

The Steel Tube Company Added Several Strategic Initiatives with Increased Sales Talent, Customer Service and Online Presence for a Record Breaking Year in 2012. - June 09, 2013 - Industrial Tube and Steel

Announcing Enhancements to the HPX® Rupture Disc Product Family

Continental Disc Corporation is proud to announce the newest editions to its’ HPX® Product Family...the HPX-Ta™ Rupture Disc and the addition of Higher Pressures for the HPX® Rupture Disc. The new HPX-Ta™ Rupture Disc is a Tantalum semicircular scored reverse acting... - May 22, 2013 - Continental Disc Corporation

Innovative Waterless Urinals from Eco Ad Ltd on a Sale Spree

A Stockton company Eco Ad Ltd has developed a clever waterless urinal unit that eliminates the need of flushing water after use. The idea greatly clicked with the public businesses such as pubs etc and has found a great market all over. The prominent feature of this unit is the water saving... - May 02, 2013 - Eco Ad Ltd’s Solution for Measuring Shared Well Water’s Solution for Measuring Shared Well Water

Due to the economy and rising costs to dig new wells, many people are opting to share a well. has a solution for sharing wells that is economical and assures everyone in the system will share equal rights to the water resource. - April 30, 2013 -

Air Hydro Power Welcomes Chris Crawford, Northern Kentucky Sales Engineer

Chris Crawford has joined Air Hydro Power as a sales engineer for Northern Kentucky. Air Hydro Power is an industrial distributor of pneumatic, hydraulic, hose and fittings and electrical automation components. - December 21, 2012 - Air Hydro Power, Inc.

Air Hydro Power Welcomes a New Director of Finance

Air Hydro Power gains Geoff Luber as the new Director of Finance. He is replacing Art Sims who is retiring after 10 years. AHP is a distributor of hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical automation & hose & fittings. - December 21, 2012 - Air Hydro Power, Inc.

Durex Industries Announces Their New Thermal Solutions On-Line Store

Durex’ On-line Store includes over 7,000 heaters, sensors and temperature controllers with most products deliverable in 2 working days. - December 12, 2012 - Durex Industries

Industrial Tube & Steel New Facility Holds More Steel Tubing Inventory and Additional Metal Working Capabilities

Larger Facility has Capacity for More Inventory and Equipment that Allows for Quicker Turnaround. - November 22, 2012 - Industrial Tube and Steel

Industrial Tube & Steel Donates Steel Tubing for the University of Akron’s Engineering Students’ Steel Bridge Competition

Industrial Tube & Steel Supports University of Akron Engineering Students to Achieve Fifth Place Nationally with Donated Steel Tubing. - June 22, 2012 - Industrial Tube and Steel

Total Flow is Now Providing Plug Valves and Check Valves to Many Industries

Total Flow has introduced plug valves and track valves to their wide variety of products that are available on their website. - June 13, 2012 -

Air Hydro Power Won Pacesetters Award

Air Hydro Power wins the 2012 KY business Pacesetters Award. AHP, a distributor of hydraulics, pnuematics, hose & fittings and electrical automation products, was chosen as one of leading companies that furthers the state of Kentucky. - May 23, 2012 - Air Hydro Power, Inc.

Total Valve Systems Releases Its Total Valve Live Website

Total Valve Systems Releases Its Total Valve Live Website

Total Valve Systems is excited to present its Total Valve Live website. The “Live” Website will allow Total Valve Systems’ customers to login and check on the progress of their order at any time. Updated information is uploaded to the “Live” website instantly as the work is being completed. - April 19, 2012 - Total Valve Systems

Continental Disc Corporation Announces Two New Products: SANITRX HPX® II and HPX® Double Disc Holder

Continental Disc Corporation announces the launch of its newest products which enhance their industry-leading HPX® rupture disc product line: the SANITRX HPX® II Rupture Disc and the HPX® Double Disc Holder. The SANITRX HPX® II Rupture Disc is a semicircular, scored, reverse acting... - April 14, 2012 - Continental Disc Corporation

New Automated Steel Saw at Industrial Tube and Steel Improves Delivery and Tolerances on Custom Orders

Industrial Tube and Steel, one of the leading suppliers of custom cut metal, steel tubing and cast iron, has added a high tech sawing machine to their factory equipment. The computerized double column band saw has a 16.5 inch cutting capacity. The automated saw blade cuts a higher volume of materials within a fraction of the time of manual machinery. This translates to even greater accuracy and faster delivery times for customers. - March 01, 2012 - Industrial Tube and Steel

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